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Temperature check

If you were a bartender, would you use your real name with customers? Or would you maybe use a ‘cool’ nickname like…


I met a bartender this very evening who made that choice…in a hotel bar in Chicago.

He wasn’t 13 years old, which seems more appropriate to me for such a nickname (and perception of what is cool).

No, he was a 13-year old who grew up to be a middle-aged man who thinks a Stars Wars character nickname is still cool at his age.

Which is…interesting.

Of course, he might have named himself after former University of Kentucky basketball great Kenny “Sky” Walker…but I doubt it.

Now, that would be cool.

Time’s tell

Earlier this week, Lauren Graham of NBC’s Parenthood paid a visit to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Between tales of the family drama’s new season and a strip club visit, Lauren displayed a habit of sticking her tongue out of one corner of her mouth.

Of course, Craig just had to point out her nervous tick to the audience.  Lauren didn’t seem upset at being exposed; she was more worried that the gesture was a sign of her impending age.

Which got me thinking — do I have a geezer habit?

I’ve been trying to be more self-aware this week.  And I’ve noticed when I walk the dog, I tend to roll and pop my neck while I’m waiting for Rory to do his business.

I wonder if my neighbors — who see me pass four times or more each day — noticed this habit years ago.  Heck, I may even have a neck-related nickname that I don’t even know about.

“Cracky” definitely needs to start watching that.