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Monster mash

One of the first movies that kept me up at night was a version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that I saw during my grade school years on a late night ‘creature feature.’

I’ve searched IMDB.com to no avail, trying to locate the specific retelling. But I do have a memory of the final scenes — Dr. Frankenstein destroying himself and his monster. And the monster says, “Well done, master.”

No wonder I had nightmares.

There’s yet another remake of the classic story, starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, coming out at Thanksgiving time .

This one looks like as much fun as fright. I’m in!

Dream therapy

This morning, just before waking, I had a truly terrifying dream.

I was seated in a classroom.  I don’t know what school or what class I was taking, but I felt I belonged there.  Suddenly, a fellow student stood up and started pacing up and down the rows of desks, a rifle pointed menacingly forward.

I sat frozen as he stalked past me.  As he headed toward the back of the room, I darted for the doorway and ran into the empty hallway. I kept running and jerked awake to complete safety.

What did it mean?

I have no idea.  But I may have a chance to find out what this nightmare — and some of the recurring dreams I have had over the years — really mean with help from the Dream Doctor on Facebook.

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the bestselling author of the book “I Had the Strangest Dream…The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century.”  If I friend her on Facebook, I can send her dreams to interpret.

And if I don’t hear back, I can just ask my friend GK what it meant (which is what I usually do).

Night walk

It was kinda dark and drizzly this morning in New York City, so I found it hard to wake up…which maybe why this article on sleepwalking on my favorite website for the weird, lemondrop.com, was especially entertaining.

That, and the fact that I have a bit of a history myself.

My favorite sleepwalking episode is a story my brother tells.  He came home late one night to find me standing in my pajamas in the doorway of my bedroom, which was across the hall from his own.  I was swinging my hand like I had something in…although it was empty.  He asked me what I was doing; I said I was waiting for the bus.

The best part?  He said, “Cool,” and went on to bed.  (He claims he checked a bit later, and I was in bed…or on my way to Cleveland.)

My sister also says that she woke up one night  — we shared a room with twin beds — and I was staring at her and ‘growling’ in my sleep.  When she spoke to me, I didn’t acknowledge her — just growled, but eventually laid down.  She was pretty sure I was going to kill her.

I had a lot of nightmares as a child that I do remember, so I’ve never questioned the sleepwalking.  I’m sure it happened.

Does it continue today?  You’ll have to ask my dog.

(He hasn’t mentioned it to me.)

How ’bout you?  Any fun sleepwalking stories to share?