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I had seen images online of the April 6th issue of Sports Illustrated, so I couldn’t wait to get mine in the mail.

Just look at that angle of Karl-Anthony Towns in action:

SI April 6










But then I got my issue today. And it looked like this:

April 6th SI










Because apparently there are no college basketball fans in the Northeast.

I mean, how could there be?  No teams from this area made the Final Four.  And there couldn’t possibly be fans of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Duke outside their state lines, right?

(Well, probably not Duke.)

Don’t worry.  I’ve already contacted SI and requested a copy of the Kentucky cover issue.  And written a letter to the editor.

March Madness only comes once a year.

Consult your local listings

I know that every Kentucky fan is thrilled with the new SEC Network, which pretty much guarantees that any UK Wildcats basketball game not on network television or ESPN will now be televised.

Unless you live in the Northeast.

This is what tonight’s game between Kentucky and Mississippi State looks like to me —


I’m guessin’ that tall, light-blue bar is Willie Cauley Stein, right?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Look out Northeast.

snow monster

I’m coming for ya.

Ticket to ride

Question: How many tickets does it take to get from Boston to New York City?

Answer: Five, so far

Hurricane Sandy’s path and aftermath have made every form of transportation here in the Northeast a big ol’ question mark.  So since Monday, I have been purchasing multiple tickets on the bus and train and waiting to see which one would be up and running when I was ready to head back to the Big Apple.  The winner?


They are not my usual carrier, but they have quickly become my favorite since they are the first to re-establish service between Boston and New York City.

212, I will soon be in you!

Don’t slam the door

Dear Frankenstorm,

These are the only ‘sandies’ that are welcome in these parts.







Please be on your way.

And stop dripping all the water. You’re making a mess.


The Northeast

Butt, Mr. President…

Happy President’s Day!


I grew up and lived most of my life in the South and Midwest, where President’s Day isn’t really celebrated.  I mean — the banks close, and there’s no mail…but businesses stay open, and school kids never reap any benefit from the big day.

Now that I live in the Northeast — where President’s Day gets more attention — I find that I haven’t figured out exactly how to ‘get into it.’

I’m just sad there’s no mail.

In fact, when I think of President’s Day, Kansas City cartoonist Bill Whitehead comes to mind.  We worked together during my days at Hallmark Cards.

No one did a butt joke better than Bill.  One of my favorite cartoons of Bill’s was “The Other Side of Mount Rushmore”…which featured the presidents bending over, their butts prominently displayed.


Bill still pens a cartoon called “Free Range” that you can enjoy online.  Here’s today’s entry which is, appropriately enough,  President’s Day-themed.

Thanks, Bill.

Stop the music

There’s an awards show on television tonight that I’m not gonna watch (and not just because I’m on an airplane headed east).  I’m not even recording it.

The Grammy Awards.  Yep — Not. Gonna. Do. It.

I’m sure there will be much spectacle.  Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert are performing, so that’s kinda a given.  But when you’ve only heard of about half of the musical groups — and have no clue what songs they currently sing or what awards they have been nominated to receive — well, you feel like one of those folks who hang out by the buffet table at a party.


I could blame it on circumstances.  I used to be better informed when I had a car and actually listened to the radio.  Then I moved to the Northeast and adopted the walking lifestyle.

So, listen to music on your iPod, Carla.”

It’s a legitimate idea.  But I hate headphones and ear buds — just can’t stand having anything jammed in or around my ears — so music as part of my commute has pretty much disappeared.  And TV is my background noise of choice when I’m working on my laptop.

So this time, The Egg is depending on you — give me the skinny on what goes down at the Grammy’s pre-, during and post-show — complete with your more informed translation.

I may not like headphones, but I’d still like to hear an ear full.