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Home on the range

I had never watched HGTV until a recent trip to Lexington, Kentucky. After a weekend with my friends Vikki and Ella, I was hooked, and now HGTV is the official background noise in my apartment.

Sorry, Food Network. You’ve been replaced.

love it or list itA show that I now see a bit too often is Love It or List It.

A realtor and a home designer vie to fix the problems of a homeowner.

The realtor looks for a suitable new purchase. The home designer rehabs the current house on a set budget.  At the end of the program, the homeowners to have decide to “love it or list it.”

Way too often the owners keep the current house even though the designer wasn’t able to fix their problems, and the realtor found a home that met all their list of must-haves.

Why can’t people leave their trouble-filled homes?  Is it inertia?  Nostalgia for four walls with a roof?

I just don’t get it.

I have lived in nine different places since I moved out on my own, three of which I have owned, and I never shed a tear when I moved on to the next one…especially if the new place better met my needs.

Am I heartless?  Hopeless?

List it, baby, list it.


Will it go ’round in circles

One of my Twitter buddies mentioned today that, as a kid, he wanted to make a career out of creating the images below.

Recognize them?










They’re Spirograph, which was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  (If you haven’t heard of it, well, you’re probably not a Boomer.)

SpirographBoxWe used pen and ink on paper and the special Spirograph tools to create those images — this was years before laptop computers or Photoshop manipulation were common.


They were all handmade.

Spirograph-tools_9742Looking at all the discs and circles in the kit, I am itching to play with it again.  It was a lot of fun.

Wonder what became of our Spirograph?

Egg siblings — any ideas?

Big time nostalgia

This morning many New Yorkers were puzzled by the presence of a particularly prodigious Rubik’s Cube, floating along the Hudson River on a barge.


Or maybe not. (They live here….they’ve seen everything by now.)

The colossal cube was created by the Liberty Science Center in neighboring Jersey City as part of their weekend-long celebration of the popular game’s 40th birthday.

While you are recovering from that punch to your sense of time and space, think about this —

What other games from our childhood deserve to be made ginormous and set afloat on a nearby body of water?

Easy Bake Ovens?  Troll Dolls?  Pet Rocks?

Cast your vote in the comments!



I’ll alert the media

I passed this delivery truck in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  The service is new to me, but the name is a classic.


Can it really be over 30 years now — 1981 in fact — since Dudley Moore burst onto the scene in the comedy classic Arthur, with Sir John Gielgud at his side as his loyal, oh-so-proper manservant Hobson?
arthur hobson

Even he might approve of the logo’s jaunty cap and just-so tie.

The driver of the delivery van was very young.  I couldn’t help but wonder — does he even understand the reference for the company name?

Perhaps he is more familiar with the cringeworthy 2011 movie version of Arthur where Helen Mirren portrayed  Hobson in a bit of gender-bending casting.  If so, he is probably confused by the logo. (Helen didn’t wear a hat.)

And thinks the movie was awful.

Young people.




The book box

There is a box of books in the back of my closet.  I pull them out when I’m feeling nostalgic, or need a quick, lunch time read —

My mom’s old Harlequin romance novels by Janet Dailey.

janet dailey 1janet dailey 2janet dailey 5

janet dailey 4janet daily 3janet dailey 6










I read them over and over when I was younger…can still quote some of them even today.  That’s why I could never give them away.

I read that Janet Dailey died earlier this week at age 69 following complications from heart surgery.  It’s the end of an era for romance publishing.

Time to pull out the box.  Her words will live forever.

Name that bar

I am on my way to Boston, and was determined to find blog inspiration en route.

It only took two blocks.

On 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is a bar called Lansdowne Road, New York City’s best sports bar if you believe their marketing. I don’t know about that, but the name certainly jumps out to me.

I lived off Lansdowne Road in Lexington, Kentucky..in my very first apartment of my very own. (Translation: no roommates)

After 12 years in the pricey Northest, the place seems even bigger in my memory. And at $350 a month for a one-bedroom with free parking, well, I don’t mind admitting — I just threw up a little in my throat.

Yeah, I may have to pay this Lansdowne Bar a visit, just for the nostalgia. If it is near a Target, I’ll move in.

Sonic boom

I know I need to watch one of these 1960’s era programs.

I missed Mad Men right out of the gate and could never seem to catch up.  I skipped The Playboy Club for reasons too numerous to mention.

I wasn’t going to let Pan Am pass me by.

(I may not be nostalgic by nature, but I am competitive when it comes to TV viewing.)

Did you catch the Pan Am premiere Sunday night?  The stewardess look and lifestyle is definitely romanticized.  I found the show somewhat candy-coated and overly optimistic…but not the kind that makes you sick to your stomach — the kind that makes you stare and go, “Gosh, I wish I’d lived back then.”  (And I only missed it by a couple of years.)

My biggest complaint with Pan Am? 

The music’s too loud.

Seriously.  The scoring for this series is so loud, it often overpowers the action on screen.  I know the producers are trying to establish a certain ambiance, but they need to remember:

Not all the viewers were born back then.  They can turn it down a notch.

Back, then forward

Today is the last day of the year — heck, the last day of the decade — and everyone appears to be taking a look back before jumping into 2010.

Now, I’m not one for nostalgia.  I enjoy throwing things out more than most people.  But there is much to be learned from the past, so let’s review the few brief months of The Egg’s existence and see what we can see in its stickiness…

  • Readership has increased steadily since the Egg’s launch in August, but always takes a bit of a dip over the weekend or a holiday. I am so pleased to know that the Egg is a workday distraction!
  • You prefer the shallow to the deep — when I go deep, you go away.   (No worries there…I am so rarely deep.)
  • The topic that is consistently popular?  Posts about my dog Rory.  That is not surprising at all.  He’s a people magnet…and apparently a traffic magnet as well.
  • The most commented on blogs of the year?  Fantasy leagues and little girls’ obsession with the color pink. It is reassuring to be deemed controversial by both sexes.
  • The blogs that nobody wanted to read?  Those related to the movie “Twilight”…and they meant the so much to me.  (I’m going to have to work on bringing you guys over to the dark side.)
  • The most requested blog topic?  Movie reviews! Thank you — I’m at the theater pretty much every week and promise to post my sticky point of view here.

A friend tweeted the other day that blogs were “so 1999.”  Well, I have enjoyed being 10 years behind the times with all of you.

Let’s keep eggin’ each other on in 2010!