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Do you play your numbers? Does anyone?

I drink a lot of bottled beverages, and I find these secret codes to be less than compelling.

I’m not even sure I know how to play. Do I visit a website? And what do I win? Is it worth the micron of effort that it will take?

Maybe if the code itself were more entertaining. This mis-mash of numbers and letters is random, no doubt, but enthralling? Exciting? Filled with possibilities?

I’m know I’m not bubbling over…except perhaps with carbonation.

Mystery number


Rory and I happened upon this number on a path in Central Park today.

We walk there a few times a week, but this is the first time I have noticed it.

There were no visible pipes or drains that might link it to gas, water or electricity work.  No broken cement.  No upturned earth.

Just these carefully penned numbers…what could they mean?

It’s probably something quite mundane, but much more fun to think otherwise.  A Castle case or clue aka Pretty Little Liars.

We’ll check it again in a few days…

Will the plot thicken??


So I’ve been thinking a lot about the number 8.

It’s taken on a near mystical quality this week — for an obvious reason — for Kentucky Wildcat fans.

But as digits go, it was already pretty cool.

Turn it on its side, and you’ve got an infinity symbol.  It’s the figure in figure skating.  And a few figure eight turns of a rope and you’ll got yourself a decent cinch.

But this week, it’s a magic number for me.  And I want to share that feeling with the world.

So, here you go.

The Magic Eight Ball

Go ahead — ask it anything.

You can thank me later.




Got my number

I’m being stalked…by a number.

The number? 328.  I see it everywhere.

Does it see me?

Every time I randomly glance at a clock, morning or night, it’s 3:28.  I notice the numbers on street signs, too.  In catalogs.  In books and articles.

Does it really appear as often as it seems?  Or have I just become hyper-aware of it?





Nope.  It’s following me. And it’s been happening even more so this week, since March 28th came and went. But I’m not complaining…

I had a great birthday.  (Thanks everybody!)