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If people who prefer candy and chocolate have a sweet tooth


What do you call it when you prefer salty snacks?

I’m a chips/nuts/pretzels kinda gal — no contest.  So what body part is assigned to that?

This is very important.

Snack attack

I love salt.  Salt loves me.  But is it a healthy relationship?


Turns out many of the salty snacks that I enjoy — and have previously eaten with a side of guilt — actually help lower cholesterol.

What the wha?

Quaker Oats waxes poetic about the cholesterol-reducing benefits of their oatmeal, but I have never seen a Frito Lay ad promote pretzels’ power — but they do the very same thing!

So do nuts and popcorn (sans oil and butter) and homemade potato chips!

And to think I have given the statin I take all the credit for my lowered cholesterol.  Turns out my addiction to salty snacks may have helped just as much.

Okay, maybe not as much…but I sure enjoyed them more.

Fruit and hummus, two foods I eat several times a week, also help lower cholesterol.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t.

Actually, now that I read the list, I’m wondering why I have high cholesterol at all.  It’s certainly not from my diet.  I eat all kinds of foods that help keep my numbers down.

Oh right — I inherited it.  I’d rather have money.

Nutty as a…

“Time to nut up or shut up!” — Zombieland, 2009

That’s right — it’s National Nut Day!

No doubt most of you have the day off from work, gathered with your family and friends, celebrating all those great National Nut Day traditions.

Um…any idea what those are?

Don’t feel bad.  No one really knows how National Nut Day got on the calendar…or if it was, in fact, originally dedicated to the food category of nuts as you might first expect.

Perhaps the founder created National Nut Day to pay tribute to all those crazy, kooky characters that make our lives more interesting — the ‘nuts.’

They act like nuts.  They drive us nuts.  Their brains are full of nuts.  And seriously — without them, wouldn’t life be a whole lotta boring?

(I think I prefer this version.  I’m going with it.)

There’s no data on when National Nut Day was added to the calendar, either.  So you have to wonder if the founder was thinking about real-life nuts — family, friends, wacky neighbors who borrow tools and don’t return them…argh! — or if he was including nuts from television and movies.

(I think I prefer this version.  I’m going with it.)

Then National Nut Day could pay tribute to Senor Chang from “Community.”  And pretty much everyone in the “Anchorman” and “Hangover” movies.  Gosh, there are so many nutty fictional characters.  Oh!  The original nuts — Chip ‘n’ Dale!

I’m sure you have your favorites as well.  And I hope you’ll salute them during your day off.

That’s right — during National Nut Day!