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Fan flare

I am in Dallas tonight, site of the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, so I’ve seen quite a few fans in both the airport and my hotel.

More Ohio State than Oregon, I must admit.

buckeye necklaceA few of the Ohio State fans have been proudly sporting their buckeye necklaces (left).

Do you have yours?

I recognized the nut — and probably know the candy even better — but didn’t realize that wearing them was an Ohio State ‘thing.’

A quick Google search confirmed it, and explained the necklace’s origin.  Turns out they didn’t get their start at Ohio State —

Presidential candidate and Ohio native William Henry Harrison used decorative buckeyes in his campaign way back in 1840.

Political nuts.  How perfect.

Muy loco

March Madness —

It’s not just for basketball anymore!

During a break in today’s Ohio State/Iowa State match-up, I switched over to the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf tournament.  Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler are in the final pairing, and I wanted to see if they were on the course.

Not just then.

Spain’s Sergio Garcia was the focus of attention because his ball was up in a tree.  And so was he.

sergiointreeSergio wasn’t gonna take a drop.

Nope, he climbed up into the tree and decided to hit the ball from right there.

To get it into the fairway, he had to hit a back-handed shot.  And believe it or not, he did just that…and then climbed on down.

Gotta love the craziness in all sports this time of year!

Tasty goodness

It’s called the Sweet Sixteen with good reason.

Making the Elite Eight and Final Four is, of course, the raison detre, but surviving that first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is oh, so sweet.

Your expectations beyond that point — well, that pretty much depends on who you are.

For the Cinderella teams like Northern Iowa, Cornell and St. Mary’s, any other wins they amass at this point — as my friend Jason so aptly put it this morning — are gravy.

But for a seeded team for Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse or even Ohio State, any loss is a huge disappointment to both the team and its fan base. They are expected to win from here on out.

No exceptions.  No excuses.

If only the seeded teams could look at each win going forward as ‘gravy.’

Would that make the final victory even sweeter?