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Click click click

When you write a daily blog, you find inspiration in all kinds of places.  Some days the ideas seem to be everywhere.

Other times…not so much.

That’s when you find yourself scouring the Internet, going from website to website, looking for any germ of an idea to get started.  A headline or even a word may be all it takes.  There are even online generators geared to writers that spit out random words or phrases, which can be really helpful at times.

But today I discovered a random image generator that is so cool, I just had to share it.  It’s called “Things on a White Board.” All you do is open the link and click the image.  New images will continue to appear as long as you keep on clickin.’

Frogs, dogs, ghosts, traffic signs.  They hadn’t started repeating when I stopped clicking…but deep down, I kinda wondered if they would.

What will be the last image you see?

Now, you might wonder, “What’s the point?”  I guess some people might find inspiration for new ideas in the images they see.  Or they might just be curious, like me, to see if the loop is as endless as it appears.   Or maybe it’s just a good way to blow five or ten minutes.  Give your brain a break.  Look at some pretty pictures.

Be careful, though.  Like all good things, it’s kinda addictive.