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Drama mama update

Since my post last night, my friend Wendy Molyneux (who also happens to be a writer for Bob’s Burgers) has, as of 3pm ET today, raised almost $8,800 for CureSearch.

Because she hates Entourage and really does not want to see the movie.  And hates pediatric cancers even more.

drama mama pjsTo up the ante, she has promised to wear this lovely ‘drama mama’ pajama ensemble to the theater if she raises her goal of $10,000 by midnight tonight PT. She’ll also likely tweet her agony to the masses, and that will be hilarious.

So give if you can.  We both appreciate it.

Update to the update:

We did it!  Wendy has already well-surpassed her $10,000 goal!  But she is giving you new reasons to give (besides the obvious to help fight cancer).  Here is her latest post:

Well, this has not worked out very well. Thanks to all of the terrible people I know and a bunch of awful strangers I’ve NEVER EVEN MET WHO CARE ABOUT CHILDREN’S CANCER, I’ve reached 10K in one day. If this madness continues, I am going to have to drink movie soda out of a Turtle sipper my effing sister made (if this hits 15K),  AND if for some reason this goes on all the way to 20K I am going to have to see this movie twice. TWICE. This is a mess. All I know is this nightmare will end on June 3rd when Entourage premieres and the world as we know it ends. Screw all of you and your goddamned BIG HEARTS. You are the worst.

Told you she was hilarious.

Pants off dance off

When I see a photo like this one, from this year’s British Open…

REUTERS/Toby Melville

I can kinda imagine what the policeman at the precinct across the street from my apartment think when they see me, late at night, in my wild PJ’s walking Rory.

At the very least, it’s entertaining.

Smarty pants

There’s an owl on my jammies.













Hoo would have thunk it?

Dog days

Is Snoopy happy here?

That strategically placed leaf gives the appearance of a smile. But what is the greatest spokesdog of all time really thinking?

I’ve decided he’s happy.

Possibly not at being blown around by the wind at that particular moment…but I was none too pleased at getting caught in a surprise shower yesterday before my trip to Boston, and I’m still awfully glad to see the arrival of fall.

In fact, I’ve been celebrating all the firsts. First socks. First pair of boots. First sweatshirt, first fleece jacket, first quilted vest.

When I can put on my flannel jammies — well, that will be a real party.

Welcome autumn! I’m so glad you’re here.

Night moves

I only wear solid colors.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  I do on rare occasions wear a stripe or floral print as long as it is far away from my face…but I am most comfortable and most ‘myself’ when adorned in solids.

I am happy to wear bright colors.  I do not feel the need to always be in New York City black.  My apartment is, in fact,  a tribute to the color red.

But solids?  That’s my truth…except at bedtime.

Then I unleash the tackiest, whackiest, weirdest side of me.  Silky, sexy lingerie?  Pshaw.  Where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I throw on jammies with the most outlandish prints known to man.

Sock monkeys getting pedicures?  Check.
Bunnies having crumpets?  Got it.
Frogs kissing?  Dogs wearing fun hats?  Owls making hoot eyes?   They’re all here.

The more outlandish the pattern, the happier I am to wear it to bed.

So, how do I explain my double life? How does a wearer of solids all day long suddenly make the switch to ‘whack wear’ in the dark of the night?

Every girl has to have a little mystery, right?