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Going dark

How long would you last off the grid?  Your Internet connection wiped.  No texting, no Facebook, no tweeting, no, no…

Sorry.  Things started to go a bit dark there for a minute.

Last night’s episode of “Modern Family” posed the question as an intra-family competition, which ended up lasting two short, very difficult days for the Dunphy family.  (Phil won.  Then it turned out his oldest daughter tricked him, and that she actually won.  If you didn’t see it, well my goodness, why not??)

Two days off line?  I wouldn’t last that long.

Heck, to write this blog entry alone, I had six browser windows open — WordPress, Facebook,  AOL, Twitter, NYTimes.com and Google.  Plus, I had my Palm Pre at my side.  And I was watching television and Skyping with my sister.

Off the grid?  More like off the charts.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and simply watched TV.  Tweeting and checking Facebook have become a natural part of the experience.  See an actor that you don’t recognize?  Look them up on imdb.com.  Hear a funny line?  Post it on Facebook…or share it via an open chat window on AIM.

Sitting back and passively enjoying entertainment is a thing of the past.  Interacting with that TV show or movie or Youtube video — that’s the norm today.  And the thought of even 48 hours without that option gives me the willies.

So, cheer up, Phil.  Your daughter might have pulled a fast one on you, but you would have kicked my butt at this bet (if I had the guts to enter in the first place).

Did you know…Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met while at Stanford University and collaborated on the Google web search engine, originally called it “BackRub” ?  Snazzy.


I’ve got a boo-boo.

I took a header on a train platform last night and totaled both knees and the palm of one hand.

It hurt like hell, and there was blood.  But perhaps it’s the adult in me who immediately had more pressing concerns.

— Did anyone see me fall?  (Luckily, no.)

— Is my Palm Pre okay?  (It went sailing through the air when I fell and the battery popped out, but it seems fine.)

I was headed to a restaurant for a meeting and had myself pulled together by the time I got there, so I just had to tell the story to the waiters setting up my room.  I mean, come on — the video would have made money if someone had caught it on camera.

Only 20 minutes had passed, and it had already gone from tragedy to comedy.  Ya gotta love that about life.

It reminded me of a childhood fight that my sister and I had over who was going to feed our parakeet Chipper.  We disagreed on whose turn it was, and in the scuffle that followed, I got kicked on the side of the knee.  The amazing technicolor bruise that appeared looked a lot worse than it felt, and I showed it to everyone.

The story of that bruise was so worth the pain.  The jury is out on this new one.

(It still hurts.)

Stand and deliver

I have my issues with Apple.

They make innovative products — I’ll give them that.  Their really cool looking gizmos do most of the stuff they’re supposed to do.

But they repeatedly rush their products to market under a blaze of brilliantly constructed advertising — honestly, no one does marketing better — and when their products fall short of what was promised, they totally suck on the customer service end.

There was the pre-order debacle — as in, people couldn’t get through to place one.  Now in-store inventories are low.  And lines to get the iPhone 4’s that are available at the stores are ridiculously long.

Apple’s poor follow-through even drove perennial everyman Jason Bateman of “Arrested Development” to pull the celebrity card and cut a 2,000-person long line at a Los Angeles store to get his iPhone.

He got booed when he left.

And what’s this?  There’s a yellow tint or line on their much heralded display.  More seriously, if you hold the phone wrong, you might not get a signal.  Pardon me…I hold my cellphone at the bottom, like a normal person.

I’m not hurling all this bitterness at Apple because I was stuck in a long line waiting for my iPhone.  I use a Palm Pre quite happily.

I just want Apple to realize that customer service is the other side of marketing.  If your can’t deliver on the BS you’re selling…

Don’t sell.

And beyond

There’s being buried alive…and there’s being buried with a signal.

Funeral directors say more and more people are asking to have their gadgets placed in their caskets when they go on to their reward.

Apparently heaven just isn’t heaven unless you can twitter and update your facebook page.

And since someone is always finding a way to make money off of the latest trends — even in funerals — we won’t be forced to slip our iPhone or Palm Pre under our satin pillow.  How gauche!

Already, at a fair in Verona, manufacturers were selling a golden coffin with a cellphone built-in, retailing for a measly $381,000.

I wonder it that includes any minutes….