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We hope you enjoy the show

After I returned home from the theatre last night, I shared my move review for The Way Way Back.

But I wasn’t quite ready to talk about the pre-show.

amc070713 While I was standing in line for a Diet Coke — and composing a Facebook status about how crazy crowded the theatre was for a Sunday evening — a man and his small child ran by me.  They were soon followed by a great crush of people. I heard words like ‘bomb’ and ‘fire.’

And then insanity broke out.

Everyone rushed for the exits.  AMC employees stood by, wide-eyed and searching.  Someone pulled the fire alarm.

I remember hesitating for an instance thinking, “Is this real?” and then not waiting to find out.

We all stood on the sidewalk — across from the theatre at the instruction of AMC employees who now had their orders.  Within seconds five fire trucks — five — surrounded the building.

And within minutes, it was over…and we were walking back inside.

Turns out two men got into an argument in one of the cinemas, and one pulled out pepper spray.   Someone standing close by panicked at the sight and smell of it.  And that’s all it took.

Because today, we are a nervous, twitchy society —

With movie trailers that are so long, I didn’t miss a single frame of the film.

Tight spaces

I am claustrophobic.

ClaustrophobiaAnd the condition rears its ugly head at the most inopportune times.

Riding the elevator to the top of the St. Louis Arch.  Getting an MRI for a shoulder injury.  Or simply being crowded into the corner of the elevator by one too many people.

But I never thought a facial would freak me out.

I was at a salon today over lunch — indulging in said facial, thanks to a birthday gift card from a generous friend — and the technician completely covered my face with a solid wrap, leaving only a small slit for my mouth.

Needless to say, I panicked.

Once I explained my phobia, she offered to leave a slit for my nose as well.  I still couldn’t see, but I did deep breathing and mind games to remain calm. Not exactly the soothing experience I had in mind…but hey —

My skin looks fabulous!