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Shells on the shelf

An update on my recent pasta post

Those stylin’ shells have been spied on the shelves!

pasta update

The pasta packaging without compare was on display in a grocery store in Toronto.

Thanks for the pic! (I’ll take one of each.)

Pasta flat iron


As a fettuccine head who works hard every day to be more spaghettoni,  this packaging speaks to me.

I am also hungry.


We’re celebrating a good friend’s birthday tonight.  At an Italian restaurant.  In Boston’s North End.


I don’t want to say that this particular friend is in a rut, but…

Lei è in una carreggiata!

This would probably bother me a lot less if I enjoyed Italian food a little more.  I’m one of those rare individuals who’s just not into pasta.

It’s just so filling to me; I can only handle a couple of fork fulls, and I’m done.  That’s why I only eat it a few times a year…and I can always count on her birthday being one of ’em.

Don’t get me wrong — I think it’s great that she knows what she likes.  But can’t she shake it up a little — just once — on her big day?  Celebrate the passing years by trying something new…or just something different?

Luckily tonight, there is a unique distraction.  As I eat Italian food yet again, I will be able to turn my attention away from the dread pasta and toward dessert, ’cause it just so happens to be… National Spumoni Day!!

I can easily get behind ice cream….especially spumoni, with its multiple colors, fruit and candy.  Nary a noodle in sight!  (We should always get together for her birthday a few days early.)

But my friend doesn’t need to know.

It is her big day, after all.