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Fashion forward (and center and guard)

As I sit firmly planted on the couch, enjoying another full day of March Madness, I noticed a trend amongst the basketball players.

(And I’m not talking about falling seeds.)


More and more are wearing tights under their shorts.  A quick survey of Google images reveals many NBA players are making this choice as well.

I for one consider it a slam dunk.

Being a fairly pasty person, I find displaying my glowing gams to be a fashion don’t . The older I get, the smarter this decision becomes.

If these basketball leggings inspire fashion designers of everyday wear…

The NCAA tourney will have more than one winner this year!

No skin off me

It ain’t easy being pale. That’s why, some 11 years ago, I founded the PPA.

Pasty People of America

I’m not only the president, I’m a member…the pastiest member by far. You know that pale skin that kinda has a bluish glow?

That’s me.

A friend in Kansas City — also pale, also self-deprecating — inspired me to use the word ‘pasty.’  He too is a member for life.  (No choice, really.)  Today I am inspired by people who have a choice and stay pale, even at prom time.

The Melanoma Foundation of New England asked teens to sign a ‘no-tan pledge’ — a promise not to intentionally tan or visit a tanning salon before prom.  There was a similar pledge for college students before spring break.

The pledge reads:  “I realize that by getting a tan I am sharply increasing my chances of developing melanoma, which can be fatal if not caught in time. I have read the “Facts of Tanning” and understand the dangers of tanning beds and lying out in the sun.”

It was a contest, of course.  The winning school — the pastiest party-goers come prom time —  won $1,000 for their class.

This year’s winner was Waltham High School in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Hey — I think I recognize that one student.