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When my friend Leah and I walk by the Apple store in our neighborhood, I always bow.  I sometimes add a sound effect, too….a long, drawn-out and other-worldly “laaaaaaaaaaa” that befits the store’s cathedral-like presence.

She just keeps walking.

You see, she’s an Apple fan.  I still use a PC.  Don’t get me wrong — I think the company is very innovative.  I just don’t rush out and buy every Apple product the minute it hits the market.  Like the iPad.

And thank goodness I didn’t.  It might have saved my life.

At the Foxconn factory in China where the iPad is made, there have been a disturbing number of suicides among the factory workers.  Is it the factory conditions?  Officials say no.  Could it be low wages?  Apple pays above the national average.

Is it the iPad itself?

Let’s think about it.  There have been complaints about the tablet since its release in April, including:

  • the low visibility screen
  • weak WiFi
  • difficult typing
  • more expensive apps
  • recharging and syncing problems
  • its fragile casing

All annoying, yes…but perhaps now we should add ‘makes people want to off themselves’ to the list.

My PC is looking better and better…


Box-ing office?

If you were on Twitter at all on Halloween, you may have noticed that one of the trending topics was #potterday.

It seems the fans of the Harry Potter books and films were chatting them up, and why not?  On a holiday where ghosts and goblins walk the earth, talk of wizards and death eaters seems apropos.

But when I read the potterday tweets — and added one of my own (heck, I like Harry as much as the next muggle) — I noticed a few felt it necessary to slam “Twilight” in the process:

“Who needs vampires?  We have magic.”

Why do you have to dislike “Twilight” to like Harry Potter?  Are the two mutually exclusive?  Why is life always a competition?

It reminds me a bit of my youth.  (Yes, I can remember back that far.)  When “Star Wars” came out, many “Star Trek” fans — and I am pointing the finger straight back at myself  — were insulted by the very presence of this new saga and boycotted it.  Years passed before I saw “Star Wars” in its entirety, and that was mainly because of Harrison Ford.  He was big time by then, and I wanted to see his take on Hans Solo.

In retrospect, it was a ridiculous reaction.

I think the same thing about the Mac/PC wars.  I own a PC, and always have — mainly because an overwhelming majority of the business world operates on PCs.  I have worked on a Mac in the past, and I personally didn’t find the transition from PC to Mac to be difficult.  I think both platforms have their pros and cons, and I am entertained by the vehement love/hate that people display for the different platforms.

I just don’t see it.

But, that’s me.  I like PCs.  I like Mac’s.  I like “Star Trek.”  I like “Star Wars.”  (Okay, I’ll always like “Star Trek” a bit more…it was my first sci-fi.)

And I love Harry Potter and “Twilight.”  To me, they are very different and are not competing or attempting to muscle one another out at the box office.

Can’t we all just get along?