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Butter you up

Happy Birthday, Kentucky!

Thank you for being my birthplace, home of the #BBN and the state where…


Peanut butter was invented!

That’s right – – right in Lexington in 1958.

There is a little tear in the corner of my eye…


Call me trendy

A lot of famous folk have been talking eating disorders lately.

Demi Lovato appeared on Katie Couric’s new talk show to discuss hers, which prompted Katie to spill the beans about her own bulimia.  Lady Gaga used to have one, too.  So did Stacey London of What Not to Wear.

It’s like eating disorders — or admitting to having had one — has become the fashionable thing to do.

Well, call me trendy — I have one, too!

I like peanut butter…a bit too much.

I like it for breakfast on toast.  I like it for lunch on bread or crackers.  I like it with chili (on the aforementioned crackers) for dinner.  Or if there’s no chili about, I’m good with the peanut butter and crackers again.

And if there’s no bread or crackers, it’s pretty great right out of the spoon.

Some people might consider this an eating disorder.  I think of it as dedication to a childhood friend who has proven himself again and again.

(But I’m not sure that is on trend right now.)


Ready for a piping hot bowl of peanut butter soup?

No need to adjust your monocle, Mr. Peanut. I said soup.

My taxi driver in Fort Worth is a big fan. I had never heard of it. But he hails from Ghana, where peanut butter soup is a staple, and I grew up in Kentucky, where chicken noodle is king.

The concoction is surprising un-exotic — just a mixture of veggies, chicken broth and the all-important scoop of peanut butter.

Add some jelly, and it would be more American. And less healthy.

Which might be the same thing.