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Taxi talk

Cause or effect?

Do I tend to get chatty cab drivers…or make cab drivers more chatty?

Regardless, my conversation with George — who drove me to the train station today in Paoli, Pennsylvania — now puts me at two degrees of separation from Beyonce herself.

Put a ring on that.

George’s nephew is one of Beyonce’s dancers..and is currently featured on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Abby is the Abby Lee of Dance Moms fame. I’ve seen one episode of Ultimate, but of course didn’t realize I was gazing upon George’s nephew.

George himself is a DJ: he says the entire family is musical. And everyone is mighty proud of their boy for his work with Beyonce…as they should be.

Regardless of the reason, I’m glad George got chatty with me.  What a fun story!

Mascot love

I have always wanted to be a character mascot…even tried to be a Smurf once.


I had taken my first job after college, writing commercials for an NBC affiliate television station.  During a “Family Fun Day” at a local horse farm, the station brought in Smurf mascots to help entertain the kids.

As soon as I heard the station’s plans, I tripped all over myself to volunteer.  I didn’t care if I was Smurfette or Papa Smurf or Generic Smurf; I just wanted to wear that costume and ‘Smurf it up’ for all the people in attendance at the park.

The day of the event, I arrived early with the other mascot volunteers to get fitted for my suit.  And that’s when I made a gut-wrenching discovery —

I was too tall.

At 5’8″, my torso was about four inches too long to wear the suit.  When I put it on, the costume’s head and body didn’t meet.  Smurfette would have been sporting a most disturbing midriff.

My dreams of mascot glory ended that day.

But if you’ve ever been curious about the mascot game, there are resources available today that I didn’t have — mascot schools like Keystone Mascots in Pennyslvania.

They have mascot costumes that fit…even if you’re 6 feet tall.  And they teach you tumbling skills that you can accomplish when you’re head is grossly over-sized.

Ah, Keystone — where were you 20…I mean…two years ago?