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We look but cannot see

Earlier this week, my friend Caroline re-watched The Way We Were after many years away from the film, and was blown away by two things:

  • Robert Redford the actor; and
  • Robert Redford the amazingly good-looking human being.

robert redford TWWWThe latter is an area of universal agreement.  No man has ever looked better than Redford did in this film.

See how Barbra Streisand is gazing up at him in the still from the movie?  Insert any woman — or man of that ilk — and they will have the same look of stunned appreciation on their face.

Perfection does that to a person.

Redford’s acting, on the other hand, has not always received the same level of appreciation.  But his upcoming movie, All is Lost, has generated Best Actor Oscar buzz at film festivals.

Take a look at the early trailer below.

Perhaps now that Redford is craggy instead of captivating, audiences are better able to focus on his performance.

I’ll be there!


Nose knows

You probably know someone who’s had a nose job.

I know two or three.

All were trying to take their too wide, too long or too bumpy noses and make them look more like some perfect version they had seen on a model or actress.

Hey, if it makes them feel better about themselves, I say go for it.

But take a look at these ‘nose jobs’ that went in the completely opposite direction — achieving perfection by being as unique as possible.

These are airplane nose jobs, by the way, in an exhibit of the same name at the Eric Firestone Gallery in Easthampton, New York.

Airplane nose art dates back to World War II.  Firestone purchased scrap government-issued airplanes– DC7s to F106s — gave them to 22 artists and let them have at it.

There is no standard for these nose jobs — no model perfection.  Each nose in the exhibit is as unique as its artist.

I’m sure there is something to be learned from all this.

I just like looking at the artwork.