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My life


…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hot dogs

This dog loves his fan almost as much as my pup.


After every warm-weather walk, Rory Dog lies down right in front of the small circular fan I have in the corner of the living room.  No standing or ear flapping for him;  we’re talking flat on his belly, legs splayed out behind him like a turkey prepped for stuffing.

flat roryOnce he cools off and starts to doze, he falls over on his side.  (Rolls is too gentle a word for his total collapse.)

Ya gotta love dogs — I certainly do love mine!

How city dogs communicate

I know dogs and people look at many things with different eyes —

Trees. Trash. Other dogs’ bottoms.

But I am particularly amused by my dog’s fascination with scaffolding.

scaffoldBeing a ‘city dog,’ he passes it almost every day on our way to the park. And he will pull the leash, wanting to cross the street to get to it.

Nothing is more fun, apparently, then sniffin’ and peein’ on scaffolding.

People who live in the city don’t pay much attention to it; we see it come and go with construction projects large and small.  I dare say some tourists may cross the street to avoid it.

But not my dog.

Scaffolding is the best place in town to check his pee-mail.

Save the salt for our chips, please

When I arrived home last night, light snow was falling on New York City. The street was quiet. My footprints (and luggage tracks) were the first to disturb the sidewalk snow. It was a welcome scene.

This morning’s cityscape was very different.

sidewalk saltBuilding superintendents and doormen had arisen early to litter the sidewalks with salt, which burns the paws of  dogs and can make them sick if they lick it. Plus, the chemicals in the melting ice can contaminate the soil and ground water.

And yet building owners continue to spread it quite liberally, every snowy morning.

Safe T Pet Ice MeltI’m not saying leave sidewalks untreated — simply use a safer melting alternative.

Our good friends at Morton Salt make an ice melt that is salt free, chloride free, and organic.  It doesn’t irritate dog paws or tummies and melts below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does it cost a bit more?  Like most green-friendly products, it is a bit more expensive.  But stacked against the high price our pets and the environment pay, I’d say it’s well worth it.

I’m going to talk to my building super today.

“You say traction; I say corrosive chemicals.  Let’s call the whole thing off!”

Friend of Hank

Has the endless string of GOP debates and cable commentary soured you on politics?

Perhaps this cat will change your mind.

Hank is an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia.

And yes, he’s a cat.  A nine-year old Maine coon.

This write-in candidate can’t write. Or speak. But thanks to his campaign manager Matthew O’Leary, Hank has a platform.  And a Facebook page.  And a Twitter page and bumper stickers and yard signs.  He even gives interviews to the media.

But he never wears pants. Yep, just your typical politician.

What’s not typical is who is benefiting from his cat-paign (sorry).  All monies raised for his election are going to the Humane Society of Fairfax County.

I wish I lived in Virginia — just this once — so I could vote for Hank.

Rory Dog, however, is not impressed.


Pet owners.  We love our animals.

And companies know they can sell us just about anything.

Huffpost.com recently put together a collection of some of the stupidest pet products on the market.  I can’t disagree with the editors on most of ’em.  They are ridiculous.


I have to stand up for one of them…mainly because the product in question is less ridiculous for pets than it is for its original human intent.

Kitty Croc Bed

The croc shoe has been super-sized and turned into a bed for cats.  HuffPost argues it is far stupider looking in this iteration.

I disagree.

Croc shoes are ugly.  They may be the most comfortable shoe on the planet — but there’s not a foot in the world that doesn’t look stupid in them.

Sorry, Mario.

I think making the croc huge and putting a kitten inside is the best thing that ever happened to the shoe.  Dare I say…


Save the date

The last day of 2011. Blogs are filled with the year in review, ‘best of’ lists, and previews of what’s to come.

Me? I’m just psyched about my new calendar.

We may be living in a digital world, carrying our lives around on our smartphones, but I still love selecting the wall calendar that hangs over the desk in my home office.

It used to be a no-brainer — the New Yorker dog cartoons calendar every year. And then they stopped making it two years ago.


So now I journey to Barnes & Noble, not knowing what calendar on the racks and spinners before me will catch my eye. But this year’s selection was an exciting combination of all the things I hold most dear:

Dogs. Movies. Celebrities. Kitch.

Yeah, that’s a cat. But he wasn’t dressed up for the photo. All the Jack Sparrow-ness was digitally added later.

There’s also Andy Warhol. And Austin Powers. Dame Edna. Mother Teresa.

Yep. It’s gonna be a good year.