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Open wide

My dog Rory turned 16 last December, but he has the appetite of a puppy.

Translation: he’s become a picky little shit.

I’ve tried rewarding him with treats after he finishes his dinner. When that stopped working, I gave him the treats first. Then switched to different treats. Then changed his food. Then his bowl. Then started hand-feeding him.

I’m willing to do the work.

Last week I learned a trick from my vet. I don’t know why she has been holding out on me for so long, but it got him to eat like gangbusters.

baby foodSmear a little baby food on top of the dog food.

She recommended chicken flavor with broth. I applied said smear, and could barely get the dish on the floor before Rory was face-deep in his dinner.

I was a very happy Mama Dog.

You can be, too.

The whey

My dog Rory has had some digestive issues this past week, and a friend recommended adding a dollop of yogurt to his food.

Probiotics, don’t you know — the ‘friendly bacteria’ that Jamie Lee Curtis gets all giggly about.

But my dog is a picky little shit.  You change his food one iota, and he won’t touch it…which makes any change in his diet a real pain in the probiotic.

There are some animals, though, who are real fans of the yogurt cure.


Maybe Rory will listen to the bird.