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I helped my friend Stephanie at her store Stoopher & Boots today.

My favorite find?

Zara Terez

Is that sweet or what?

I’m hungry

Ready for a snack?

Something fruity, perhaps?  Or a rich chocolate bite?


Don’t sink your teeth into these morsels — they are ‘Crunched Pillows’ by Bonjour Mon Coussin, a food-obsessed online store started by Claire Eglizaud and Paul Moreau in 2007.

She’s a fashion stylist; he’s a graphic designer.  And the clothing, bags, purses and home items featured on their site are a foodie’s dream come true.

And if you want to literally dream in chocolate?  Well, you can make that happen, too.

chocolate bed


File this one under “Great ideas I wish I had thought of  ’cause then I would be rich and cool”…


That’s what I said.  Craftsquatch, a store on Etsy, is selling handmade pillows cleverly fashioned in the shape of iPhone icons.

I don’t even own an iPhone — don’t really want one — but I need these pillows.

The Maps icon.  Messages.  Photos.  Phone.  All the virtual buttons you push repeatedly day after day on your iPhone, draining the battery and your connection to reality — now realized as bright, bold pillows for your sofa, chair or bed.

Or, if you’re part of the small, proud minority that doesn’t own an iPhone — but is still a social media addict — Craftsquatch has also created Social Pillows with common icons from the Internet.

The Facebook icon.  Tumblr.  RSS Feed.  Share.  Even the anonymous FB man and woman and Twitter birdie (in your choice of colors).

I only need about 10 of ’em.

So, if you missed the Egg’s birthday and are in a quandary as to how to appropriately gift me at such a late date…


That is all.