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Open arms

What can help you both build up your immune system and decrease your risk of heart disease and stress?

Hint: it’s not a pill, an exercise routine or the now ubiquitous green smoothie.

It’s the hug — that simple (and simply wonderful) one-on-one human contact between friends and loved ones.

Fantastic, huh?

Lucky for all of us, today is National Hug Day!  The holiday was established in 1986 to encourage PDA-phobic Americans to ‘reach out, reach out and touch someone.’ So now’s your chance to get out there and improve your health, your happiness and your overall state of being.

You’ll probably freak out a few people along the way, but hey — that’s just a bonus for feeling so gosh darn happy!

(See you out there.)

There’s a pill for that

A pill that makes you a ‘perfect version of yourself.’

The concept is pretty attractive.

And when you add Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro to the mix, the movie Limitless — which opens today at theatres nationwide — quickly becomes a must-see.

In the film, the ‘smart drug’ that transforms Bradley Cooper’s life is NZT.  As long as he keeps taking it, his recall is superhuman, his comprehension of complex data rivals that of a computer.

Of course, there are repercussions.  People want to use his super knowledge — and get his stash of NTZ — so being ‘the perfect version of himself’ puts him in peril.

Well, of course it does, right?  It couldn’t be that easy.

But it begs the question:  would you take the chance?

If you knew there was a pill that would make you the very best version of yourself — the Six Million Dollar Man version of yourself, not the Charlie Sheen ‘tiger blood’ version — would you take the pill?

Obviously there are potential dangers.  But you would be smart enough to think about them far in advance…and devise 100 different ways to outsmart your enemies.

Would the positives outweigh the negatives?

Would you take the ride?