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Seeing pink

It’s the US Open Men’s Championship.   Djokovic is playing Federer.  All is right with the world.


rogerfederHave you spied Roger’s gear for this year’s tourney?  His tennis whites are outlined in bright poppy pink.

Even his tennis shoes are dyed this neon bright color.


I’m not a fan of pink, but this isn’t an issue of personal preference.

The hot pink is an unusual choice, and I’m wondering if it was psychological. Did Roger’s team hope that the color would have its rumored effect of sapping his opponent’s strength?

stan wawrinka

Stan Wawrinka wore a similar hue in his triumphant run earlier this year at the French Open — in plaid shorts, no less.



Right on the kisser


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Egg


Not ‘in the pink’

I was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor’s building yesterday afternoon with Rory Dog, enjoying the gorgeous weather, when a young girl of about five rode by on her pink bicycle, her pink helmet perfectly coordinated with her pink-and-black polka dot pants.

“Man, look at all that pink,” I murmured with distaste.

My neighbor looked at me as if I had blasphemed.  “All little girls love pink.”

Do they?  Do all little girls really love pink?  Or is pink — and purple, too, I would argue — foisted upon them from birth by their mothers and a conspiracy of retailers?

I don’t remember ever loving pink.  Truth be told, I wasn’t that into clothes as a kid.  Mom made a lot of them for us, and I didn’t pitch fits or demand certain colors  — did I?

Of course, everything is different now.  A five-year old today has more social skills and awareness than a 13-year old did in my day.  But if we agree that girls today are more sophisticated at an early age, does it make sense then that they would be that into pink?  Wouldn’t they be drawn to black in their attempts to appear and act older?

Could it be that moms are just trying to keep their little girls ‘little girls’ as long as possible by dressing them in the babiest of colors?  Or, maybe no one — little girl or mother alike — can stand up against the all-powerful Disney merchandising.

I’m just asking.  No judgments.

Except…I really don’t like pink.