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The coupon made me do it

I consider myself a bit of a risk taker…but not when it comes to pizza.

I like thin crust pepperoni. Period. To my taste buds, that is the perfect combination, and I don’t mess with it…or bother ordering much else.

But I had a coupon at Domino’s the other day, so I added one of their new specialty chicken dishes to my order, and wow — it was good.


I don’t want to sound like an ad, but the Crispy Bacon and Tomato Chicken was awesome.

So, if you usually wear blinders when it comes to pizza — perhaps you would never order from Domino’s even — consider giving them a shot. I love their thin crust pizza.

And now I even like chicken.

Go figure.

Pizza pie in your eye

I’ve heard of throwing pizza dough in the air…

…but throwing pizza as a punch?

A Florida man threw a hot slice of pizza at his roommate, who called the cops.

And they arrested him.

Since this incident occurred in Florida, it’s really not all that surprising. What is surprising is that the guy didn’t eat the slice when he threw it at him.

When life gives you lemons, buddy. It is pizza, after all.

Prince of pizza?

pepperoniWhen it comes to pizza, I am as old school as it comes.


And if we’re talking a second topping?

More pepperoni. Never found another topping that (sorry) topped it.

But on today, National Pizza Day, even I admit that a more spectacular pie may be in order.  So, I present to you —

The William and Kate

Royal Pizza

Knife and fork required. Curtsy before you chew.

Sunday night special

I just ordered this t-shirt at LookHuman.com

patronus t-shirt

This website totally gets me.

Montauk: Day Four


That pretty much sums it up.

We watched movies and ordered pizza; we’re watching football right now. All and all…

A good day.

Gutter pie

A funny thing happened on the way to NYU last night.

Well, funny for me…and some random passersby.

A guy I do not know — actually, I do not know anyone in this story — had just bought a slice of pizza at a restaurant on the corner of 33rd Street and Park. He was trying to cross the street before the light changed, so he had quite a bit of momentum on his side.

As it turned out, a bit too much…because he lost his grip and the slice went flying —

pizzagutterInto the gutter.

Now, this is not funny.  It’s actually rather sad.  He had just bought the slice, he dropped it and now it’s gone.


No, the funny part was his visible indecision on whether or not to pick it up and still eat it.

When it first hit the street, he was going for it.  He was going to employ the ‘five-second rule,’ snatch it up and be on his merry way.  But then it slid into the gutter….and he just couldn’t do it.

So he cried out in frustration and walked on.

This entertained myself and about three other people for a couple of blocks.  We laughed together and joked about it, sadly at his expense.  And now I’m blogging about it.



sausage guy2Know this guy?

Sure you do — the sausage guy, right?

Always reminding you to eat a good breakfast.  Sometimes is being circled by the planets.

Nice guy.

Well, today, be on the lookout.  He may be pushier than usual.

sausage guyYou may even notice him loitering around….trying to insert himself into your lunch — dinner, too.

Sausage, sausage, sausage — you won’t hear the end of it.

And that’s because it’s….

National Sausage Pizza Day!!!!

Of course, you may have already heard about this from William Shatner. He might be wandering around your house, too.

If you see something, say something.  And have a slice!

Pie in the face

Pizza lovers — there’s a new combo in town!

Actually, it’s available in British Columbia at Steveston Pizza Company. They named it the C6, but I’m going to be bold and suggest a new one:

See if you agree.  The pie features lobster, black Alaskan cod and a side of Russian Osetra caviar — yours for only $450.

You read it right.

Now, if you want one, you have to call a day ahead.  No 30 minute delivery guarantee on the Stupid Pizza — no sirree.  That would probably cost you extra!

Owner Nader Hatami told Canada.com the pricey pie was intended to make a “culinary statement.”  But in fact, to date, they’ve only sold one.

Looks like customers have made their own right statement back, as in:

“We’re not nearly that stupid.”

Save our slice

Say it isn’t Sbarro.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the pizza chain may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as early as next week.  They are seeking something called ‘debtor-in-possession’ financing from a group of hedge funds to keep the stores open and operating while in bankruptcy.

I for one hope they find the sauce they need.

It’s not that Sbarro is my favorite restaurant.  The pizza biz in New York City is crowded and highly competitive; you can find a better pie at several places in my neighborhood alone.

But Sbarro is the slice I associate with Times Square.

Long before I lived in Manhattan, my trips into the city were for one thing and one thing only:  theatre.  We would jam two or more plays into a day, if the show times allowed.

And when you’re running from venue to venue, grabbing a slice at Sbarro was quick and cheap and satisfying.  I’m sure it still is for the legion of tourists who overwhelm the theatre district every single day (except maybe Mondays).

Call me nostalgic, but I can’t imagine Broadway without Sbarro.  Let’s find the bucks, people, and help them keep their slice of the Great White Way.

Big brother

I had a long day on Thursday.  Got home late. Was walking Rory and thought “I’ve earned pizza.”  Then I said “pizza” aloud, which made Rory very excited and pretty much sealed the deal.  I was going to order pizza.

Now, I usually do this online, but I couldn’t remember my password and was too hungry to wait until I got home. So I dialed 411 to get the store’s number. Before I could even tell the operator which location I needed, she figured it out….somehow.

Weird.  All I told her was ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Dominos.’  There must be 50 of them. (Don’t give me a hard time for going chain — I love their thin crust.)

Anyway, the pizza guy answers, and I tell him I have a delivery order.  He replies, “Sure. Same thing as last time — thin crust pepperoni and cinnamon bread?”

Okay. I’ve never called this store before.  Sure, they probably fulfill my online orders, and my cellphone number is in that profile, but still.  All this convenience, all this instant knowledge of who you are and what you want — it’s creepy.

It did get my pizza to me in less than 15 minutes.

But what else do they know…ya know?