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Bread dread

candy corn bagelTis’ the season for all things Halloween…

But a candy corn bagel?

Yes, that is the super-shiny, garishly colored baked product on the left.

It’s sold, of course, at a bakery in my beloved adopted hometown of New York City.

Now, I love a theme, but this bagel just looks wrong to me.  But before I pass judgment, I wanted to get your thoughts.


Feet first

So, I’m putting on my socks this morning — newly washed yesterday, gotta love freshly laundered clothes — and when I unrolled them, they were inside out.

And I put them on that way.

inside out socksNow, I do this a lot.

Inside out socks do not bother me a bit.  The only time I might take the extra time to turn them right side out is when I am headed to the airport and know that my socks are going to be on display in a most public way.

Otherwise, I let them be.

Who’s with me?

Shiny, shiny goodness

My sister hasn’t taken down her Christmas lights yet.

Lou's lights













I think she should leave up everything — except the tree — year round.

Who’s with me?

Jagged edge

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory, got married on New Year’s Eve…and the paparazzi has snapped plenty of pics of her new wedding ring.

But I can’t stop looking at her nails.

kaley cuoco ringEven if we ignore the one she had bedazzled for her wedding day…

What’s up with the witch-y points?

I’ve noticed several celebs opting for these ‘dagger nails’ instead of the traditional rounded or squared shapes.

I don’t understand the appeal.

What to do you think?

With the naked eye

Can you trust your eyes?  Let’s take a poll and find out!

What is pictured below?

sand under microscope

Thu 9/5:  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Hump Day mystery!  The correct answer is “colored sand.”

I like her odds

Hank or Mark?

If you are a devotee of Parenthood, this quandary makes both perfect sense…and is perfectly frustrating.

parenthood hank and markWhen Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (Jason Ritter) initially began dating, I was thrilled. Is there a cuter couple in TV-land? I challenge you to find one. Their engagement was the only logical conclusion.

Get them to the altar, tie the knot, add a jaunty bow.

But then Ray Romano joined the cast as Hank — crusty, blustery, more-age-appropriate Hank. He and Sarah made sense, too.  (Plus Mark suddenly turned into a woman…so really, what else could Sarah do?)

Now Mark has found his balls and is challenging Hank for Sarah’s hand — who will she pick? More importantly, who do you want her to choose?

Picture this

It’s vacation photo time, and the debate rages on —

Are you in…or are you out?

Some folks take purely scenic shots of their travels.  You’d never know they were there by looking at their snaps…but one could argue these pics are more beautiful and well-composed.

I am firmly in this camp.

Others seem compelled to place themselves and their traveling companions in every single picture.  These lines of two or three or sometimes ten people or more are proof-positive of their presence at each location, but often obscure their very surroundings.

Of course, their smiling faces do add a nice touch.

So, what’s your picture preference?  Which side do you snap on? If I grabbed your camera phone right now, what would I find…before you had me arrested, of course?

Be heard

If you’ve read The Sticky Egg with any regularity, you’ve got a strong stomach…and you’ve also probably noticed my girlie crush — veering on obsession — with Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show on CBS.

What can I say?  He moves me.

On last night’s program, Craig opened the show by discussing his latest quandary:

Should he put the earring back in his left ear?

Craig removed the jewel when he started hosting the show six years ago, and had planned to start wearing it again when he turned 60.  Apparently yesterday morning he felt 60, so he popped it in…but then just as quickly took it back out.  He didn’t think it looked right.

Personally, I’ve always thought an earring on a man in a suit looks a bit out of place.  If a guy is going to wear an earring, it seems like his entire wardrobe should be a bit more casual.   So, if Craig were to start wearing his earring again, I would think his on-screen clothing would need to be reevaluated.

But that’s just me.

What do you think?  Vote in my online poll below, and I’ll share the results with Craig’s producers, who I’m sure will react accordingly.

(Oh yes…they read The Egg.)

Like, really?

In a recent phone survey, adults in the US were asked what phrase annoyed them most in conversation.

The winner?  “Whatever” — pronounced “WHAT’-ehv-errr” — annoyed 47 percent of the people surveyed.

I can see that.  Depending on your tone of voice and the context, “whatever” can be rude and dismissive and very annoying.

But “whatever” didn’t just appear at the top of the poll.   Respondents were only given five phrases from which to choose.  The other four were:

  • “Anyway”
  • “It is what it is”
  • “You know”
  • “At the end of the day”

Who was drinking when they came up with this list?  It seems like the deck was pretty well stacked for “whatever” to win most annoying.  The other phrases don’t have any attitude at all, and would only get annoying if used repeatedly.  For instance, if I heard “you know” too many times in one conversation, that would get on my nerves.

(FYI — the survey was conducted by pollsters at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York…which could explain a lot.)

If you ask me, the phrase with the ultimate ability to annoy that should have been included on this list is “like.”  I know so many people who use this word multiple times in each sentence, let alone in each conversation. I am tempted sometimes to secretly tape them and play it back so they can hear how idiotic that one word can make them sound.

Like, no matter, like, what you’re saying, like, it makes you sound, like, stupid, like, you know?

Man…I just annoyed myself.