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Punking a prankster

For those of you following up on yesterday’s post, I played a prank on my best friend this weekend that was 30 years in the making.

john james youngShe tricked me into believing that she was dating John James, star of the TV drama Dynasty, when we first met in college. We have laughed at the memory over the years, but I finally found the right moment — and resources — to give her a little payback.

Her family planned a surprise birthday party for her on Friday, and I flew in as part of the festivities. Bad weather delayed the actual party, which meant my little surprise became the appetizer.

I told her I was dating someone new — ‘John’ — but was purposely vague on details.

Then my phone rang.

The actual John James was the on the other end of the line.  I had found his manager’s number, and John graciously agreed to be a part of my “wonderful, evil plot” to get back at Caroline.

John and I chatted briefly to establish our relationship, and then I passed the phone to Caroline, speaker on so I could listen to her ‘pass judgment’ on the new guy.

She soon complimented him on his ‘radio voice’ and asked if he had worked in media.  He ‘fessed up to being a producer and an actor, cleverly mentioning he once performed in the musical Promises, Promises near her hometown (where their photo was taken oh-so-many years ago).

She soon realized they knew the same musical director who conducted the same show at the same theatre…Wait a minute, who did you say you were?  

She believed he was the real John James quickly enough, and even thought we were dating for a moment.

To the victor go the spoils!

John James CarolineA huge thanks to John James for making my redemption possible.

Three alarm

Do firehouses catch fire?

Ask the volunteer firefighters in nearby Woodbury, New Jersey.

A fire broke out on the second floor of the volunteer department’s headquarters Friday morning.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation, and one firefighter is in the hospital with smoke inhalation.

The rest are just red-faced.

It made me wonder, though — how often do firehouses catch fire?  Turns out, more often than you would think.

In 2009, a firehouse in Japan caught on fire when a firefighter left the stove on while cooking dinner on the way out to fight a blaze. Ten trucks from other firehouses had to put out the firehouse fire.


Stateside, a firehouse in Largo, Maryland caught fire when wiring inside the ladder truck burned. Two firehouses in Illinois — one in Elwood and one in Fillmore — caught fire and burned to the ground.

And the firehouse fire in Strattanville, Pennsylvania?   Arson.  A guy lit a pair of underwear on fire and threw them on the firehouse roof as a prank.

He’s hilarious.  How ’bout we put those shorts back on him?