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Wasted on the young

After my friend Kathy saw the Broadway play This Is Our Youth a few weeks ago, she quipped on Facebook:

Well, this isn’t my youth.

After seeing the show myself yesterday, I agree and disagree.

The pre-show literature had warned of some drug use in the show, which centers on 24 hours in the lives of three privileged kids on New York’s Upper West Side in the early 80’s. What it should have said is it’s about drug use. And drug dealing. And stealing for drugs. And selling your possessions for drugs.

Not my youth at all.

But the friendships and budding (and then dying) romance between the characters is very familiar and well-acted by the cast, which includes Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin and newcomer Tavi Gevinson.

They may have been fumbling around onstage in a fake stoner haze, but I’m not sure I was anymore self-assured as a clear-headed teenager back in the 80s.

That was my youth.

Movie pre-show peeve

I spend a lot of time — and money — in AMC Theatres.

So I see their pre-show policy trailer a lot. It’s morphed and changed of late, and not for the better.

Case in point: earlier this year AMC updated their brand. That’s when they debuted this policy trailer:

They must have quickly realized the glaring white background was hard on the eyes in a dark theatre, so in the summer they relaunched this version:

Personally, I’m not sure the color is the biggest problem. After the tragedy that occurred in the Colorado movie theatre, the dicey characters in trailer don’t make me harken back to iconic films…

They make me look around to see if any crazies are sitting close by.

Even more recently, AMC has added a more fully rendered version of the ‘dot people.’  (I couldn’t find it posted online.)  In this policy trailer, a bear ‘eats’ cellphone texters…and motorcyclists hit cattle on the information superhighway.  It’s all very symbolic, but clearly —

Someone at AMC isn’t an animal lover.

I miss the Inconsiderate Cellphone Man. Any chance of him coming back and rubbin’ out these dots?

We hope you enjoy the show

After I returned home from the theatre last night, I shared my move review for The Way Way Back.

But I wasn’t quite ready to talk about the pre-show.

amc070713 While I was standing in line for a Diet Coke — and composing a Facebook status about how crazy crowded the theatre was for a Sunday evening — a man and his small child ran by me.  They were soon followed by a great crush of people. I heard words like ‘bomb’ and ‘fire.’

And then insanity broke out.

Everyone rushed for the exits.  AMC employees stood by, wide-eyed and searching.  Someone pulled the fire alarm.

I remember hesitating for an instance thinking, “Is this real?” and then not waiting to find out.

We all stood on the sidewalk — across from the theatre at the instruction of AMC employees who now had their orders.  Within seconds five fire trucks — five — surrounded the building.

And within minutes, it was over…and we were walking back inside.

Turns out two men got into an argument in one of the cinemas, and one pulled out pepper spray.   Someone standing close by panicked at the sight and smell of it.  And that’s all it took.

Because today, we are a nervous, twitchy society —

With movie trailers that are so long, I didn’t miss a single frame of the film.


During the pre-show at my local AMC theatre, an oft-run promo asks, “Do cell phones dream?” Personally, I want to know…

Do cell phone apps turn themselves on?

cell phone iconsNine times out of ten — when I swipe the screen on my Samsung Galaxy SIII — a random app is ready and waiting instead of the home screen that I expect.

Sometimes my camera is open and pointed at my face (which can be scary when you’re not ready for it).  Or the Seamless app is offering me restaurant choices to peruse.  More often than not, Fandango is open to their current movie push ad, which I quickly skip.

(And we all know it doesn’t take much for me to decide that going to the movie is a very good idea.)

What is making these apps pop open?  Is it something in the way I swipe?  Simple chance?  Or evil marketing genius at work?

If there are any app developers out there reading this blog — and if you are…really? —

I’d love to know.

You might see yourself here

The best thing I saw at the movie theatre yesterday was an ad during the pre-show.

No offense to the movie.

I really enjoyed Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. It had great action, an interesting conceit and an ending that I did not see coming.

But this commercial for Windows Phone made me laugh aloud.

Truth is funny.