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Get in line

Rumor time!

And it’s a good one.

queen elizabethDid you hear that Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for gastroenteritis? As a “precautionary measure,” she was admitted today at King Edward VII Hospital in London.

Funny…where have I heard that news before?

Wasn’t Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cornwall, admitted to the same hospital in early December? For similar tummy troubles? As a “precautionary measure” right before they announced her pregnancy?

O.M.G. —

The Queen must be having a baby, too!!

Just remember — you heard it here first (unless the royal family is after me, and then I’m just repeating something I read on Page Six).

That woman just won’t give up the throne.

Nine months

Women, can you hear your clock ticking?

Don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

The Wonder Clock app allows you to countdown your days of fertility on your iPhone or iPad. So if having a baby is a goal, you can literally watch time tick away in your ability to give birth.

What sick bastard came up with this one?

I don’t know how it works. I don’t really care. It is a sadistic exercise for anyone who is trying to have a baby, especially if it is not going well. Talk about pressure. That can’t be good for anyone involved.

And who has time for that?

Sidewalk sermon

Are there etiquette rules for hailing a taxi?

One lady seems to think so.

Yesterday morning I rolled my wheelie bag to Columbus Avenue and stood mid-block, because taxis can get ticketed for picking up fares in the crosswalk.

At the corner two woman were also hailing taxis — in the crosswalk — but it’s not unusual to be one of many vying for a cab on the same spot in New York City.

After I had assumed the position — luggage in front of me, arm outstretched — one of the woman started yelling at me for “getting in front of her in line.”

Say what?

Taxis in Manhattan are plentiful, and I could already see about six of them with their lights on headed our way.

I chose to ignore the yelling at first, but she decided to walk over and confront me.

“Excuse me,” she said with quite a bit of ‘tude.  “You just walked in front of me.”

“Taxis can get tickets for picking up people in the crosswalk,” I said calmly.  “I simply moved down.”

“You moved ahead of me,” she repeated, hands on her hips.

I just turned away and continued to signal for the cab.  It was a moot point as far as I was concerned.

“And me, eight months pregnant — nice,” she huffed, and walked way.

Now, I hadn’t really paid attention to her in the first place, and I certainly hadn’t noticed she was pregnant under her heavy winter coat.  But I don’t think that knowledge would have changed my behavior….or should have.

Nobody made her get pregnant.  And nobody made her stand in the crosswalk.

Everybody makes their own choices.

Some…are simply poor ones.