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The force is strong

I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan,  but it’s hard not to get caught up in all the excitement about the premiere of the latest installment…


Especially since I helped capture a stormtrooper last weekend outside a museum near Chicago.

Typical Sunday morning kinda stuff,  you know how it is.

Here’s to Tony

Thanks to Time Warner Cable’s primetime OnDemand, I was able to watch the first episode of WeTV’s new drama The Divide before it’s premiere this Wednesday, July 16th.

the-divideI was initially drawn to the show because Tony Goldwyn, our beloved president on Scandal, is one of the executive producers and the director.  He has an impressive list of credits in the director role :  Scandal, Justified, Dexter, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, and The L Word.  So I figured this new show was worth a look.

And I was right.

The story centers on a prisoner who has been on death row for almost 12 years for the murder of an entire family.  All appeals have failed, and he is scheduled to be executed in a matter of weeks when a member of the Innocence Initiative finds new evidence that may be enough for a new trial.

The cast is excellent, what I’ve seen of the writing is compelling, and Tony’s direction is top-notch.  I’ve already set my DVR to record the entire series.

Check it out!


Tease us…please.

I just saw the trailer for ‘Inception,’ director Christopher’s Nolan’s latest starring Leonardo DiCaprio due out next July. It has much action and little explanation, and is driving the media ape shit. Why? Because they can’t figure out the entire storyline of the movie from the trailer!

How dare he? How dare Christopher Nolan save something for the premiere? Why not follow the example of Nelson McCormick in his remake of ‘The Stepfather’ due out this October? The trailers for that film leave nothing — and I mean, nothing — to surprise audiences come the release date. I know the setup, I know who the bad guy is, I know how he will be revealed, and I’m pretty sure I know the climatic moment when he will be vanquished by his unfortunate step-family.

I mean — come on. I didn’t even want to see that movie…and I had to endure the entire thing during the previews before ‘Julie and Julia.’ It almost turned my stomach for beef bourguignon.

Trailers are meant to tease the audience. Give us enough so we know it’s our kinda film, with the stars that we love, but leave us wanting more. Don’t show us the whole darn movie. What fun is that?

I personally think Nolan has the right idea. And I’m sure as the premiere date draws closer, his trailers will reveal a bit more to further whet our appetites for ‘Inception.’

Whatever the hell it’s about.