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kidnapped for christIf you subscribe to Showtime, I encourage you to watch the documentary Kidnapped for Christ, currently available OnDemand.

The film centers on a Christian boarding school in the Dominican Republic that advertised itself as a rehab center for troubled US teens.  The filmmaker, an evangelical school student, was allowed complete access to the teens there and, during production, uncovers disturbing information about the school’s “behavior modification program.” She also learns that some students had been kidnapped from their homes with their parents’ full knowledge and permission.

Her commitment to the project eventually morphs into a determination to help these abused teenagers — one in particular who wants to leave the school where he is essentially being held prisoner.

This story is heartbreaking and, I learned, just one case among thousands around the world.

It is a must-see.



I am fascinated by The Golf Channel’s coverage of The Open at Royal Liverpool.

open coverage golf channelSo far this week, they have broadcast seven hours of ‘live’ coverage each day — followed by a repeat of that same coverage in the evening hours — and the golf tournament hasn’t even started yet.

That’s three days, 14 hours per day, of nothing but press conferences, talking heads and video of a practice round or two.

But no golf.

When the tournament begins on Thursday — at 4am ET, mind you — ESPN has the honors of showing actual rounds of golf.

Sucks to be the baby of the (cable) family, am I right?


Bell is ringing

I accidentally took a nap this afternoon and was groggy as all get out when I woke up.

billy elliot movieThe movie Billy Elliot was playing on the Showtime channel I had left on, so I decided to finish it before I attempted to do anything productive.

Jamie Bell, who played the title role, was 14 when the movie was released in 2000.  And as I sat there watching, I tried to figure out what movies I had seen the ‘adult’ Jamie in of late.

Then it hit me —

He was in one of my recent favorite costume dramas Jane Eyre.  He played the minister St John Rivers whose family nursed Jane back to health after she left Mr. Rochester’s house.

MAN ON A LEDGEHe was also in the cast of Man on a Ledge starring Sam Worthington, which as fate would have it…

…was on Showtime right after Billy Elliot.

How quickly a decade can flash before your eyes on premium cable!