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Topping tip

I read a great article today —

How to Turn Your Favorite Snack Food into Seasoning

The author recommends buying a cheap grinder at your local grocery store — perhaps when buying salt or pepper — and when it’s empty, placing small, broken-up chunks of your favorite snack foods inside.  Then use them as seasoning over appetizers, main dishes, desserts — you name it.

Voila — junk food seasoning.

grinderOf course, my first thought was Cheetos.

(If you’ve read this blog before, this should come as no surprise.)

We already know that Cheetos dust is super yummy eaten right off your fingers. Imagine it sprinkled on any of your favorite foods that already pair well with cheese…like popcorn.

Now you can take your Cheetos seasonings with you.  It’s certainly more portable than regular cheese since it doesn’t require refrigeration.

There’s enough preservatives in Cheetos to outlast us all.


Have you ever looked at celebs like Jennifer Aniston and wondered what kind of ridiculous regime is required to keep her looking that way?

Two words:  baby food.

Yep.  Turns out the latest celebrity craze is the Baby Food Diet.  And before you cry “Wha?,” let the concept rattle around in your brain.  Have you ever eaten baby food?  Some of the flavors are actually kinda yummy.  Plus, they have no additives or preservatives, so they’re good for you.

Of course, actresses like Jennifer are drawn to the small portions — just enough to curb their appetite without packing on a lot of calories.  And they have lots of choices in healthy fruits and veggies…organics and gluten-free varieties, too.

I haven’t tried it, but I have to admit — I’m kinda warming up to the idea.

And if  I thought I’d look anything like Jennifer Aniston when I was through, I’d put a diaper on, too.