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Might I suggest…

By now you all know that His Royal Highness has been born to William and Kate. His name, though, they say “may take some time.” Don’t worry —

I’m all over it.


call me whatIt’s a worthy name; the Greek translation is “venerable.” It began to be widely used in the third century after it was the name of  a Christian martyr…so it’s certainly manly enough.

Sebastian also has British ties. It’s in the Top 100 list of boy’s names. Sebastian Cabot is a British actor; Sebastian Faulks, a British writer. And there are characters named Sebastian in popular British fiction, including Sherlock Holmes and Brideshead Revisited.

Most importantly, I like it.

Look, I’m only trying to expedite the process.  Princess Diana and Prince Charles took seven days to name William; William and Kate took three weeks to name their dog, Lupo; and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a month to name Charles.

Let’s not give the child an identity crisis!

Lucky pup

Four months have passed since the wedding of William and Catherine, credited with breathing new life into Britain’s royal family.

Watch out, newbies — Charles and Camilla are gaining on you.

Sure, you didn’t accept wedding gifts, instead requesting contributions to a list of charities near-and-dear to your hearts.  And Catherine isn’t doing the ladies-in-waiting routine associated with princesses past.

In fact, you’re living quite simply in a rented home in North Wales while William completes his three-year stint with the RAF.  Going to the pub.  Catching a late-night movie.  Even shopping for your own groceries.

Props for living like normal folks.

Not to be outdone, Charles and Camilla recently adopted Beth, a Jack Russell terrier puppy from the Battersea Dogs Home in London.

Now, the royals are long known for being dog lovers.  The Queen Mother is often photographed with her purebred corgis.  So it is exciting to see the future king rescue a puppy instead of going the traditional breeder route.  It sets a great example for everyone.

I can only hope it becomes as trendy — and garners as much attention — as the hats at the royal wedding!


Today is the anniversary of the Watergate burglary, the day the word “gate” took on a whole new meaning.

I was just commenting on this the other day after I attended “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  He coined the phrase “AssFest 2010” to commemorate Obama’s pledge to kick some ass in the BP oil spill fiasco.  But my first thought was,

“Where’s the gate?”

There have been some great gates over the years.  Perhaps it’s a sign of age, but I’d enjoy a look back at some of my favorites.  Shall we?

  • Billygate — President Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy — the one with his own beer — represented the Libyan government as a foreign agent.  That’s okay, Billy.  We liked to forget you were an American, too.
  • Camillagate — A taped conversation of the then illicit relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles was leaked.  (They’re married now, so it’s all good.)
  • Fajitagate — I just heard about this one Tuesday in a cab in Modesto, CA.  Three off-duty San Francisco policeman arrested two men carrying bags of steak fajitas mistaken for drugs.  The chief of police was eventually fired (and the fajitas were eaten).
  • Nannygate — Rob Lowe’s nanny sues him for sexual harrassment.  Rob Lowe sues her right back, and nothing comes of it.  You can’t mess with Rob Lowe.  He’s that good-looking.

You’ll notice the original Watergate didn’t make my list.  It never will.  The hearing coverage preempted the afternoon soaps for weeks.

That kinda thing really scars a kid.