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The same, yet different

It’s not often I can say this to a member of the royal family:

“Kate, this has so happened to me!”

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards On St Patrick's DayDuring yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade at the Aldershot Barracks, the Duchess of Cambridge got her high heel stuck in a grate. Husband William offered a supporting arm — and a giggle or two — while she freed her stiletto.

The soldier saluted.

Funny — almost the exact same thing happened to me during a business trip to Chicago!

I was walking with my colleagues to a nearby restaurant for dinner when a grate ate my heel. Two friends held me upright, saving me from an almost certain face plant.  So, let me belatedly salute their heroics —

Sans headpiece.

Royal flush

There’s Team Edward and Team Jacob. But in the doll making game…

It’s Team William all the way.

Mattel has released a Barbie and Ken version of William and Kate to commemorate their upcoming one-year wedding anniversary.

As you can see, they have given William a full head of hair — something he doesn’t possess in real life — and strengthened his jawline. And although Kate looks a bit like every Barbie I’ve seen, she’s pretty and her gown is spot-on.

No doll marker would risk offending the royal family.

That clearly wasn’t a concern for the Mattel designer selected to create the dolls that recreate the wedding of Bella and Edward in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

I’m guessing he isn’t a fan of the saga.  And Edward in particular.

His doll’s face is flat and fat, and his hair looks like an old lady’s wig.  I know the white makeup isn’t flatteringly on anyone in the movies, but it eliminates all detail here.

In the words of my friend Tina…


Way hay

Happy Canada Day!

Royals William and Catherine are now touring the Great White North, but I first journeyed there more than a decade ago.

An article in Smithsonian Magazine inspired my ten-day tour of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Until that photographic spread, I’m not sure that I even knew Nova Scotia was part of Canada (doh!).

I certainly knew a lot more when I left.

For instance, I knew why the women there all looked like LL Bean models, in fisherman sweaters and makeup-free, windblown faces.  That’s because the wind blew really hard every day.  Even if you put makeup on, it was gone in a matter of hours.

I also learned that Truro, Nova Scotia is where the tides turn…literally.  The tide sweeps in from the Bay of Fundy and forces the Salmon River to flow in the opposite direction.  Times are posted daily, and people bring their lawn chairs and sit and wait and watch.

It’s pretty cool.

And the last thing I learned in Nova Scotia that has stuck with me for a decade is the words to a song.  I sang it in a pub in Halifax, and they’re different than the ‘official’ lyrics you might find posted online:

What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
Earl-eye in the morning!

Way hay hang the bastard
Way hay hang the bastard
Way hay hang the bastard
Earl-eye in the morning!