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A thousand words

I had a hilarious astronomy professor in college who sometimes used questionable photography in his lectures to make sure we were awake.

I saw one of his more fabled pics Friday on a greeting card in a Detroit airport gift shop:

I wish I could remember what point my teacher was making in class when he used it…

My mind is drawing a blank.

Sweet success

Mark Haub, I want to shake your hand.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a snack cake.

Thanks to the research you conducted at Kansas State University — Go Wildcats — there is now empirical evidence that weight loss depends on the calories going in…and not the nutritional value of the food.

Haub, a human nutrition professor, put himself on the ‘convenience store diet’ as part of a class project, restricting himself to 1800 calories a day comprised of Twinkies, Nutty Bars, Oreos, and even Doritos.

Haub shed 27 pounds in two months, and his other health factors improved as well.  Lower triglycerides.  Lower bad cholesterol.  Higher good cholesterol.

He did take a multivitamin and drink a protein shake each day, and tried to eat a vegetable serving as well — usually something green.  But at least two-thirds of his daily diet came from snack foods.

In the CNN article, Haub sounds a little conflicted by his success.   Personally, I feel vindicated.   Although my diet is not as junkie as his study, I have never eaten as healthy as experts recommend, and have gotten my share of flack about it over the years.

Now, when I reach for Froot Loops as a snack, I’ve got scientific proof —

It’s diet food, people.

Star date

My favorite class in college was astronomy.

I initially took it just to avoid chemistry and ended up loving it.  A lot of the credit goes to my professor, Dr. Tom Troland.  His lectures were always filled with jokes, obscure facts, and interesting stories.  We students were so busy having fun, we were surprised to discover how much we’d learned at the end of each class.

I learned a lot…like the fact that May Day, 1930 is the anniversary of the naming of the ninth planet Pluto.

Well — the former planet, I should say.  It was stripped of its major planet status in 1906.

Sucks to be the last child — I’ve always said it.

Pluto lost its status because the International Astronomical Union changed the rules in 2006. According to the new guidelines, Pluto didn’t have enough mass relative to the other objects in its orbit to be considered a major planet.

Now it’s a dwarf.

A lot of people protested the reclassification; many scientists chose to ignore it.  The New Mexico House of Representatives and Illinois State Senate both passed resolutions that Pluto will always be considered a planet in their night skies.

The American Dialect Society even chose “to pluto” — “to demote or devalue something” as their Word of the Year in 2006.

Did you know that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore?  Today is a good day to learn more about it.