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Talk to each other

For more than a decade, I have taught classes to university students and corporate clients alike, emphasizing the importance of communication.

But the cautionary tale on tonight’s Project Runway team competition drives the point home better than any workshop or one-to-one coaching session.


yangOne team’s inability to communicate — about anything — led to a truly terrible garment and a very expected exit for one (since her partner had immunity).

Sorry Hanmiao — but you kinda had it coming.

Wait for it

It’s summer, and that means a lot of reality show competitions have been added to the TV schedule.

Food Network Star has been cookin’ with gas on Sunday evenings for several weeks already, and my beloved Project Runway got underway this past Thursday.

I never realize how much I miss them until they come back on they air, and then, when they do —

Who are you wearing?

I’ve watched pretty much every season of Project Runway — including the current season of Project Runway All Stars — and there is one area of fashion that the show rarely addresses:

The designers’ personal clothing.

project runway all stars






The designers famously arrive at their digs in New York (or Los Angeles) pulling a single wheelie bag.  Then they proceed to drape themselves in all manner of crazy outfit week after week.

Me thinks they are getting some help from the costume department…and the highly advertised QVC accessory wall.

That’s a conversation I’d like to see addressed during the post-season round-up, between play-by-play of all the infighting, of course.

Zipper no more

I have never considered myself anything more than a spectator of Project Runway, but now —

Tim Gunn, I’m ready for my closeup.

spray fabricI’ve discovered the secret to a design with a perfect fit in less than day —

Spray-on fabric

Fabrican, Ltd. in London invented spray-on fabric way back in 2000.  It’s been used in the medical field for dressings, bandages, casts and wound healing products. But now the company is hoping to branch out into fashion, giving designers — like me — a way to be even more creative.

Seamless garments!  Custom clothing!  Recycled wear!  And no more sewing models into clothing before they hit the runway…

…just spray her in!

Home bodies

“Good-bye, Atlas.”

If you’ve been watching Project Runway this season, you’ve no doubt heard the contestants bid their New York City digs adieu as they head to the workroom each day.

Like most reality shows, Runway is chock full of product endorsements.  Heck, each challenge is sponsored by an advertiser, and the producers usually make the design challenges a creative use of the featured product.

But for the Atlas, all they can come up with is shots of the apartments in use, and “Good-bye, Atlas” each time the designers leave the building.

Why not feature Atlas in a challenge itself?  Have the designers use textiles from the apartment in looks that are true to their design aesthetic?

No, what am I thinking…

Having them lovingly say ‘ta ta’ again and again is much more effective.

Don’t Google this

So Anthony Ryan is ‘out’ on Project Runway.

Cute Anthony Ryan with the big, ever-changing glasses and tiny jeans.

Generous Anthony Ryan who gave his extra $11 to fellow contestant, friend and non-sewer Anya last night — whose money fell out of her cleavage at Mood — the evening’s eventual winner.

Most importantly, talented Anthony Ryan, who has put together some of the most creative looks on the program all season.

Remember the birdseed dress from the Petland Discounts challenge?  Should have won.


Or the glorious red number from the crazy circus week challenge? He and Laura made stilts look chic.

And my personal fav — the artwork-inspired evening gown from the museum challenge.

Whackadoo and wearable.

I love my Anthony Ryan.  He’s a fan favorite, too, based on the votes tallied at Lifetimetv.com.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I was in a complete snit last night after the judges announced the results.

One note — if you feel as I do, don’t Google ‘Anthony Ryan’ anytime soon.

It will totally poke a hole in your rage balloon.

Fowl play

It’s only week two of Project Runway, and Facebook has already been overrun with comments pre-, during and post-show.

I’ve tried to abstain.

But the judges’ decision to give Olivier the win over Anthony Ryan was the first travesty of the new season.  The finger must be pointed.

In the ‘My Pet Project’ Challenge, the designers had to use items found in Petland Discounts to create their garments.  Tim Gunn warned them that the use of ready-made fabrics would be penalized.

Anthony Ryan created his dress completely out of birdseed, fashioning an inspired collar out of larger, darker seeds.  Olivier used existing fabric from a dog bed to fashion the top of his dress, and then finished the skirt with tie-dyed hamster bedding.

The only fault the judges could find with Anthony’s dress?  It was a wee bit short.  (He had intended to finish the skirt with feathers and nixed them at the last minute.)

Olivier’s fit and styling were both called into question, and there was the little issue of the dog bed material in the bodice.

Heidi loved Anthony’s dress.  So did the guest judge.  But loud, obnoxious Nina Garcia whined about the length of Anthony’s dress.

And so Olivier was declared the winner.

I know it’s early yet, but I had an immediate flashback to last year’s finale — the judges’ stand-off over the Project Runway winner.  I questioned Nina’s judgment then, and I question it now.

I think it’s time for Nina to be ‘out.’