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Know how?

The_More_You_Know_2011Matt Lauer just told me that I need to sit down with my kids and show them how to use the Information Superhighway…so one day they can navigate the road on their own.

The more you know…

Did you know NBC has been producing those cheesy PSAs for 25 years?

I think they are some of the more cringe-worthy moments in television writing history, and I only have to watch them.  The poor celebrities have to try and sell the stuff.  But the network keeps cranking it out to meet their public service commitment to the local community.

Now, I’m not saying the ideas behind the messages aren’t good.  But there has to be a more creative way to do it.  Music videos. Demonstrations. Puppets. You name it.

I think the celebrity spokespersons and the audiences would appreciate it (and actually listen to the darn things for a change).

Someone has to know that.

Payback’s a bitch

If you were a geek in high school like me — and perhaps still are one today? — this PSA by Internet film creater Jason Headley will definitely make you laugh…

In victory.

If you were one of the popular kids, well — this one’s for you.



The MacGruber movie opens today, and I think it’s going to be hilarious.

Perhaps I’ll be disappointed…but I don’t think so.  And here’s why.

Even as a sketch, “Saturday Night Live” found a way to heighten the funny in each MacGruber episode.  The last one this season, which featured the incomparable Betty White as MacGruber’s freaky grandmother, was off-the-charts.

For the movie, the writers and directors dropped MacGruber into an 80’s-style action film.  The plot sounds like one big ol’ cliche that our hero repeatedly blows up.  “His methods may be unorthodox. His crime scenes may get messy. But if you want the world saved right, you call in MacGruber.”

What’s not to love?

Reportedly the movie is so dirty, it almost got an NC-17 rating, so very little could be shown in the trailers.  (Another way to get butts in the seats.)   But my favorite bit of move marketing that MacGruber employed that is a first — at least that I’ve seen — is the use of television show-specific trailers.

For example, the MacGruber trailer that ran this Thursday in the NBC sitcom “Community” was a mock PSA that MacGruber and his sidekick, Vicki St. Elmo, did about community colleges.  They did similar PSAs in “Parks & Recreation,” “The Office,” and “30 Rock.”

These might have been necessary due to the lack of footage appropriate to the television audience.  But I think film marketers everywhere should take note.  Talk about movie marketing that grabs your audience’s attention.

Plus, each ad ends with a MacGruber explosion.