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Quite a character

Character actor James Rebhorn died of melanoma on Friday.

I didn’t even know his name.

Every time I saw him in his more recent television work on Homeland and The Good Wife, or in films like The Box or Baby Mama, I always thought —

“Look — there’s Bradley Raines.

Raines was the first role that I ever saw Rebhorn portray.  Way back in 1984.  On my favorite soap of all time, The Guiding Light.

Bradley Raines was not a good guy.  A security guard for Spaulding Enterprises in Springfield, he blackmailed his boss. He beat his wife and raped his stepdaughter.  He eventually was thrown into prison and later a psychiatric hospital.

Raines was a soap character that you loved to hate…and Guiding Light kept bringing him back for seven years.  Rebhorn was creepy good.

I’ll miss Bradley Raines.

That rascally rabbit

I am amused when Broadway audiences applaud the set at the start of a show…as if the couch needs a boost in self-esteem.

But perhaps the set for Harvey, which is in previews on Broadway, needs just that.

About 20 minutes into the performance last night — as the home of Elwood P. Dowd transforms into the dread psychiatric hospital — a loud clunk was heard.  The set shuddered.  All action grinded to a halt.

And poor Jim Parsons, who was faux reading a book in the library, scurried away as they dropped the curtain.

The curtain dropped a lot last night; a cable snapped in the set mechanism that couldn’t be quickly repaired.  So every time the set changed, the curtain dropped and the lights came up.

Harvey lasted almost three hours.

I intended to review the play today, but it wouldn’t be fair.  While I found Jim Parsons’ Dowd utterly charming, the show itself didn’t get a fair shake because of the constant interruptions and expansive running time.

I was literally nodding off at the end.  Bnd that wasn’t really Harvey’s fault…or was it?

Darn pooka.