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We’re really nice

While this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live with guest host Charlize Theron won’t go on any “Best of” lists, there was one Digital Short that is getting a lot of attention.



In “Tourists,” SNL cast members (including Theron) dressed up as — you got it — tourists and pranked the good people of New York City with indecipherable questions, unknown accents, picture taking confusion and general craziness.

It was very funny.

And I want to point out — despite all the weirdness that SNL threw at them, every New Yorker really tried to help them out.

Points for us!

Any questions?

There is one word that immediately invokes my ire. Makes me see red.  And I admit my response is a bit unreasonable.


I don’t know why I have such a negative knee-jerk reaction to the phrase.

Maybe because it’s not a phrase at all. 

You’re asking me a question — you want my input, my point of view, my expertise — but the very question is so non-committal, so throw-away.

Like you can’t be bothered to ask me a question with any nuance or…


Or maybe you don’t want to reveal your hand before I lay my cards on the table.  Well, it didn’t work this time, did it??

You see, I can read a lot into one word of conversation.

I’m a girl.