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I started following @SteveJobQuotes on Twitter when the account appeared following his untimely death.


The account was exactly that — inspirational quotes from Jobs taken from his live talks or book.

It was food for thought.

But lately the tweets have taken a turn. Only today, “The best ways to flirt” and “Deadly fashion sins” were on their newsfeed.

I can’t picture Jobs having much to say on either topic, except perhaps —

“A black turtleneck is always right.”


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Comedy is acting out optimism. — Robin Williams


As I sat down to write this post, I happened upon a quote:

The finest command of language is often shown by saying nothing.” – Roger Babson

Made me wonder if I should write at all.  (Obviously, that didn’t happen.) Instead, I vowed to follow the direction of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:

Less is more.”

Such a wonderful philosophy.  It’s probably why blogs first became popular (and are being rapidly replaced by the even briefer tweets and text messages).

It’s why one bold accessory works best.  Why you do either a bright lip or a smoky eye (but not both).  Why minimalist home design will always endure.  Why classic jeans and a tee will always be the perfect outfit, no matter the occasion.

And why just a kiss of chocolate is always enough.