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How to make it rain







These US Open tickets are replacements for a night session that was canceled due to rain last year…and today’s forecast is looking wet as well.

When I watch from home, the tennis matches are kissed by the sun.  When I plan to attend?

The skies ‘weep’ with joy!

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.  I’m hoping my unintentional rain dance comes up dry tonight.

Oh my

I love the US Open and attend every year.

Unfortunately, my 2011 experience has been a washout.  All three sessions were either canceled or delayed so badly by rain, I didn’t bother to make the trip to Flushing.

I was tempted to blog my frustration, but realized you had heard that all before during a similar rainy stretch in 2009.  So I kept my mouth shut.

(You’re welcome.)

But I can’t not mention the fact that I was lucky enough to get a ticket to today’s Men’s Final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal!


I know that moving the final to Monday probably means a lot of people couldn’t attend the match, hence the large number of seats at resale.  These are seats that weren’t available before the tournament began.

I’m pretty stoked.  I’ve never been to a final before.  And I am a HUGE fan of the Joker.

So, if you watch the match today, look for me in Arthur Ashe.  I’ll be the tiny dot way up in the promenade section, having the time of her life.

Adam and Adam

During the brief rain delay in Friday afternoon’s US Open tennis tournament coverage, I switched over and watched a bit of the Deutsche Bank golf tournament from Boston.

They were dealing with some weather issues of their own, and while the commentators discussed past winners, the name “Adam Scott”, the 2003 champion, jumped out at me.

Adam Scott…a professional golf player?  Adam Scott doesn’t play golf.  Adam Scott is an actor.  I knew him first as Henry in the exceptional Starz cater waiter comedy “Party Down,” but he made the leap to the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” last season.

(Good decision on his part, too, because Starz canceled the comedy, the bums.)

So, I checked Wikipedia — ’cause if it’s there, it’s gospel — and sure enough, Adam Scott is a golfer from Australia.  It’s funny, though — when you look at the promotional pics of Adam Scott the golfer and Adam Scott the actor, it’s not immediately obvious which is which (unless you already know).

Take a look yourself.

See what I mean?

If you don’t know, there are some clues.  Adam Scott the golfer [on the left] has a killer tan and a bit more muscle definition — he works outside, so it stands to reason.  (No offense intended, Adam Scott the actor.  Chances are, you are much, much funnier.)

An interesting side note — Adam Scott the golfer is no stranger to the movie biz, either; he dated actor Kate Hudson back in the day.

Man — don’t you love sports??

For love of the game

The US Open did the right thing.

After rainy weather forced them to cancel the entire day session on Friday, they allowed ticket holders for that session to attend Saturday’s makeup matches. As a Friday ticket holder, I salute them and I thank them…because they didn’t have to do it.

Their bad weather policy clearly states that there are no refunds or makeups on championship weekend, which includes Friday. So, again, thank you.

With that show of smarts and heart in mind, I now appeal to the US Open to follow the example recently set by the Championships at Wimbledon and put a roof on at least one of your courts…so that delays such as this one don’t affect the tourney with such magnitude again.

If Ashe is too large or cost-prohibitive, consider Armstrong. And consider how much you will gain in time savings, player morale, and fan appreciation.

Bitter, party of one

Okay, I have tried to be an adult.

I blogged about a different sport.  I watched reruns of  tennis matches already played.  I even ate jelly beans for lunch.

But I am PISSED!  I bought tickets to three sessions of the US Open this year, and so far two of them have been rained out.  The rest of the tourney?  Gorgeous, sunny days and clear, calm nights.  But when my tickets kick in, monsoon weather arrives in Flushing, NY.

It makes me whiny, obviously.  I wait all year to sit outside and watch the greats play, and then — boom — bad weather comes and washes away my plans.  There may be a break in the rain for an hour or so this afternoon, but the weatherman doesn’t look very confident.

There is no morale to this story, or lesson learned, or even a clever quip to end this tirade.  I just needed to spew.

Hmmm…wonder if there’s any golf on?