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Sad sad

Parenthood, I miss you already.

Your final episode sits in denial on my DVR, as if not erasing it will bring back the series next season.

Could it?


You Bravermans were that perfectly imperfect clan — often close to imploding but always ending up even closer together.

I’ll miss the endless baseball games and backyard gatherings under the twinkly lights. Everyone singing or dancing for some reason or other. And giving sudiences the first indepth conversation about Asperger’s syndrome on network TV.


Over your six seasons, my obsession with characters morphed and changed with the storylines.  But I will always love Julia and Joel, and be grateful for the addition of Hank, because Ray Romano is a wonderful dramatic actor (which I discovered in Men of a Certain Age) and I loved what he brought to Parenthood.

I’m rambling because I hate to say goodbye. Let’s just say, “See ya later…”

Because I will be watching again soon.

Hat’s on

Congratulations to Ray Romano!

He’s signed a deal to appear in the pilot of a new HBO drama that centers on the world of rock-and-roll in the sexy, druggie 1970s.  Ray will play the right-hand man to a record executive (portrayed by Bobby Cannavale).

This is amazing news!  I think someone deserves a new hat…

ray romano lauren


A second glance

Thanks to Netflix, I have been re-watching the first seasons of Parenthood.

(I have it on good authority that my friend Tina is doing the same thing.)

While I am enjoying reliving the joys and perils of the Braverman family — and anxiously awaiting the introduction of Ray Romano’s character Hank in episodes to come — I had forgotten how much I love…

Amber’s glasses.

ambers glasses parenthood

So big. So bold. So beautiful.

Still want ’em, even though they make my nose hurt just looking at ’em.

Blackjack and music and comedy

Sin City, I am in you!


Fifteen years ago, when I made my first trip to Las Vegas, I stayed at the New York New York Hotel. At the time it was fairly new to the strip, and a bit trendy.

For me it was also a tad bit aspirational.  I didn’t live in NYC at the time and wanted to…why not get some good karma?

We have returned there. This time the property was simply a deal…and a fun reminder of home. But I still want to ride the rollercoaster.

May have to do that on my own. (Not everyone appears to have packed their cahones.)

Next stop — Rock of Ages and Ray Romano!!

Master class clown

Last night I attended the “Garden of Laughs” benefit at Madison Square Garden. The draw?

Ray Romano

garden of laughsIn truth, there were six comedians on the bill — Adam Ferrara, Darrell Hammond, Robert Klein, Brian Regan, Wanda Sykes and Romano — with the ever classy Bob Costas as MC. And lots of surprise celebrities from sports, TV and film serving as presenters between comedy sets.

It was an especially great time to be a local.

With that lineup, it’s no surprise that the comedy was top notch. But what did surprise me was my favorite set of the night.  Not Ray…not last night. No, Robert Klein — who appeared at the mid-point of the show — killed it.


Klein’s not typically one of my favorites, but I had a hard time catching my breath, I was laughing so hard.  As Bob Costas so accurately put it,

“The Master.”

Proceeds from the “Garden of Laughs” benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which has conducted events and programs for more than 215,000 children and their families, including those facing homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care.

I like her odds

Hank or Mark?

If you are a devotee of Parenthood, this quandary makes both perfect sense…and is perfectly frustrating.

parenthood hank and markWhen Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (Jason Ritter) initially began dating, I was thrilled. Is there a cuter couple in TV-land? I challenge you to find one. Their engagement was the only logical conclusion.

Get them to the altar, tie the knot, add a jaunty bow.

But then Ray Romano joined the cast as Hank — crusty, blustery, more-age-appropriate Hank. He and Sarah made sense, too.  (Plus Mark suddenly turned into a woman…so really, what else could Sarah do?)

Now Mark has found his balls and is challenging Hank for Sarah’s hand — who will she pick? More importantly, who do you want her to choose?

Ray of hope

Dear Ron Howard:

Thank you for adding Ray Romano to the cast of Parenthood this season.

I love his character, Hank.  I love the relationship that Hank has with Sarah Braverman, played by Lauren Graham.

Heck, I even love his glasses.

As devastated as I was by the cancellation of Romano’s wonderful TBS series Men of a Certain Age, this new role almost heals that wound.


If Hank ends up having a limited run, though, the weeping will no doubt start anew.