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Seeing red (actually, not)

I am an Android user, so I should probably mind my own operating system…

But this redhead’s gotta represent!

Hey Apple — why doesn’t your iOS 8.3 update include emojis with red hair?


Your latest updated keyboard features emoji with blonde, brown and black hair…

But no red hair? No fair!

Sign the online petition to bring the red to Apple.

Red handed

What does the color red mean to you?

If you look it up, red is associated with “energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.”

That’s a whole lotta meaning.

I like the way the color red pops.  You can put it against any other color, and it takes center stage.  That’s why it’s all over my apartment.  (I’m sure someone could psychoanalyze that to death.)

Well, today the color red is in the news, because celebrity jailbird Lindsay Lohan has returned to her original red hair now that she is out of rehab.  Her PR team has recommended the move to help signal to Hollywood that she is back and serious about her career.

Really?  All that from red hair?  I think that’s kinda hilarious.  Sure, red is a power color, and I think Lindsay looks good as a red head.  (I could be a bit biased in that area.)

But is Lindsay’s hair really the problem here?  Was being a platinum blond the driving force behind her bad behavior on and off the set?

I think we need to do a study on this.  It could be big.  It could change the entire landscape of the hair color industry.  Heck, if would mean some colors — like red — could rise to the top, and others fall away forever.

Just like Lindsay’s career.

Ginger snap

Last Friday, while I was recovering from my midnight movie sojourn, redheads around the country were being attacked as the result of a Facebook posting that declared November 20th “Kick a Ginger Day.”

Believed to be inspired by an episode of “South Park” on Comedy Central, the posting brought some serious hurt down upon students with red hair in Los Angeles and Vancouver who were kicked repeatedly as they walked down the halls.

I have never felt so left out of anything in my life.

I have red hair.  I’ve been a natural red head for almost 10 years now, and last Friday, I was out and about in the neighborhood in plain sight several times….but no attacks.  Not even a suspicious following by someone with a lead pipe or tree branch.

Do these “Ginger Day” celebrants discriminate against people who have to buy their hair color?  That seems hardly fair.  It’s still red.  Or are they such cowards they only pick on small children?  Scared of what will happen when an adult ginger opens a big can of whoop ass on you, huh?

Well, you should be.  Fake hair color or not, red heads are a force to be reckoned with, and should never be ignored.

Especially now that we have our own holiday.