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Push me

Think politicians are fake?  Put on false fronts?  Tell lies?

They got nothun’ on this character.

Meet the crosswalk signal button.  You’ve no doubt seen one in your city.  Probably pushed it a few times as well.

They don’t work.  On purpose.

In Manhattan, 90 percent of the crosswalk signal buttons do absolutely nothing.  And most major US cities are following suit.  Apparently allowing pedestrians to manually change traffic timers causes too much disruption in the traffic flow.

So why keep the buttons out there if they don’t do anything? To give people something to press while they’re waiting.

A “placebo button.”

Well, golly gee, transportation folks — I appreciate your trying to keep me entertained at red lights.  But there are lots of things I enjoy more than button pushing.

Movies. Concerts. Free stuff. Money.

Change ’em out.  Believe me, no one will miss the button.