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Good boy

I don’t remember the first time I saw the actor Tom Hardy on the big screen.

After consulting imdb.com, I’m tempted to say it was for supporting roles in either Star Trek: Nemesis or Marie Antoinette. But after Inception, I knew his name.

And after This Means War, the action rom-com with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine, I liked him.

tomhardydogBut after seeing the pics of Tom with his dog at the London premiere of his new film Legend, our relationship is taking a turn for the serious.

He brought this dog to the red carpet.

I think I’m in love.

Color me cautious

On this Presidents’ Day holiday, I find myself pondering a question of suitable gravity:

Why have I never played paintball?

It seems to be the activity of choice for couples in many romantic comedies.

I went to see This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon, last night.  One of the two CIA agents vying for her affections took her to play paintball.  Of course she misfired a round and got him in his manly parts.

Oh, the sting of high comedy.

Matthew McConaughey also took Sarah Jessica Parker to play paintball in Failure to Launch.  Lucky for Matthew, she hit one of his friends in the foot. And Heath Ledger took Julia Stiles paintballin’ way back in the day in the teen flick Ten Things I Hate About You.

No misfires there…except my admitting I saw it.

I can kind of see the appeal; target practice is fun.  But those paintballs look like they really hurt on contact.  And most people seem to be incredibly bad shots.

Hey — I just figured out why I don’t play paintball.

Holiday sparkle

You’ve no doubt seen the US Weekly magazine feature “Celebrities…They’re Just Like Us.”

They feature photos of TV and movie stars shopping at Costco and getting coffee at Starbucks…even picking up their own dry cleaning (gasp).  They are usually sporting less makeup and are dressed down a bit and do look a little more like your average Joe on the street.

But let’s face it — we all know they are driving their cars to way nicer homes than most of us could ever afford and letting ‘their people’ unpack the groceries, prepare the meals, clean the house and tend the children and pets…while they jet off to their next movie location and/or fabulous beach vacation.

Just like us.

The only time I think celebrities return to their ‘regular folk’ roots is come engagement time.  Reese Witherspoon, Lily Allen and LeAnn Rimes are a few celebs who got engaged over the holidays.

And we all know why.

Even celebrities — with their bags of money and endless possibilities — find it difficult to find the perfect gift at Christmas…maybe especially so.  So why not give your movie star girlfriend a ring?

Gifts are hard.  Get her the one that you know she will like.

But make sure it is very, very large.

What the wha?

I’ve been working all morning in a very small, windowless room, and when I finally came up for air, what headline greeted me?

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Dating

Wow…how long was I in there?

These two seems words apart to me, but when I looked it up on imdb.com, it turns out Taylor is 21 and Jake’s only 30.  Still…she seems like a really young 21, and he is kinda old for his years.

So where does that net out? Taylor’s practically dating her dad….or someone who could be her dad in the mental sense.  Still, Jake is probably a whole lot better looking than her dad.  (Just guessing…never seen the man.)

But why would Jake date Taylor?  She is the total antithesis of Reese Witherspoon, his last great love.  Reese is the divorced mother of two kids, and from all reports, Jake was super serious.

The perfect antidote?  Date a young blond thing that is so far from marriage or thoughts of  a serious relationship that you’re guaranteed a fairly stress-free good time.

And it’s shouldn’t strain on your brain, either.

Of course, that’s assuming the reports are even true.  They were sighted together at “Saturday Night Live;” in Brooklyn near Maggie Gyllenhaal’s home; and out together for Sunday brunch.  Sounds like something-something to me!

Oh well, back into the windowless room.  No doubt they’ll both be dating someone else by the time I come out.

Love actually

During a recent flight to California, I sat next to a woman who was particularly forthcoming about the personal details of her life.

(Hey, it was a long trip, and I was bored.)

She wanted my advice: should she dump her live-in boyfriend of three years before or after the holidays?

Now, I once had a relationship breakup at the end of the year.  I chose to wait until after Christmas because I knew we had already invested in the gifts.  Might as well go ahead and exchange them, right?  And we still needed dates on New Year’s Eve.  Then, come January — BAM!  Drop the hammer.  Start the year off right.

That’s my philosophy.  I think it’s sound.

Well, apparently if you’re a celebrity, such niceties go out the window.

Exhibit A:  Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Last Sunday, the papparazzi saw Jake’s assistant moving luggage out of Reese’s home and delivering it to Jake’s place.  Such transactions usually spell breakup in Hollywood.

A month before Christmas, too. They are both passing up some serious swag, and probably a holiday trip to an exotic locale.

Exhibit B: Tiger and Elin Woods.  Okay, so it appears Elin isn’t leaving Tiger…for a cool $5 million dollar paycheck.  But that hardly counts.  Can’t imagine they are going to have a very happy holiday, particularly with all the ho-ho-ho’s in Tiger’s past.

(I crack myself up.)

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that celebrities operate by different rules.  But Reese and Jake?  Tiger and Elin?  They were golden couples, meant for the long haul.

Next thing you know, you’ll tell me Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are breaking up.

Wait. What??