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Tiny memories

I finally put up my Christmas decorations today.

Just made it under the wire.

I’m not usually this tardy.  But a slew of business travel in December left me only two days to prep the apartment for the holidays.

My Christmas decor is much like my day-to-day — contemporary, with graphic patterns and solid colors.  But there are a couple of pieces from my childhood that still make the cut.

tiny sackOne is a vintage tabletop sleigh complete with Santa, elf, reindeer and — best of all  — a sack of toys with real toys inside.  They are teeny tiny things, probably saved from Cracker Jack prizes (back when they were actually cool) and party favors.

We always loved knowing that there was real loot in that tiny bag.  But we weren’t surprised…

Santa — even the tabletop variety — always comes through.

Heads up

I have discovered the perfect holiday party accoutrement:

Reindeer antlers

While eating dinner last night at Post in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, my friend Suzanne and I took note of two private parties underway in the upstairs dining room.

The first party was seated at a large table in the back, the diners serenely enjoying their meals created by Chef Eric.

The second party was awaiting their table near the second level bar, and the gentlemen were all wearing reindeer antlers.

Who was having more fun?  Take a guess.

So to all of you party planners out there currently contemplating your menus, libations, and decorations, make your list.  Check it twice.

Wouldn’t holiday head gear for your guests be NICE??

Holiday haze

I blame it on the turkey.

People eat way too much of it on Thanksgiving, and — I theorize –the tryptophan-laden beast leaves them in a haze that makes really bad made-for-TV holiday films seem not only palatable but, gosh darn it, great!

I’ve already started watching them, and I’m can’t get enough!

ABC Family’s ’25 Days of Christmas’ began the day before Thanksgiving — the promos way before that — and somehow the combination of B-movie stars and done-to-death Santa scenarios is totally charming.  I’ve found a tear in my cynical eye more than once, believe you me.

How can you miss with classics named…

“Sons of Mistletoe”

“The Dog Who Saved Christmas”

“Naughty or Nice”

“Cranberry Christmas”

“Holiday in Handcuffs”

“Santa Baby 2”   (After they saw the first one, they did a sequel?  Amazing!)

And just to make sure a few of their offerings are actually quality — remember, some people don’t eat turkey — ABC Family landed all the “Harry Potter” films, several Pixar animations, and true classics from my childhood like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

So, if you like turkey — and even if you don’t — cable television is ready to serve it up on a big ol’ holiday platter.

White or dark meat?