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Too soon

My hometown lost two of its own this week…

Two girls that I grew up with.

I say ‘girls’ because that is how I remember them — sunny, spirited teens…not as the moms, wives  and emotional centers of the families who mourn them

My hometown mourns them as well. When a community of less than 500 loses two  — especially two so very young — everyone feels the effect.

Of course, at times of loss, my hometown immediately rallies with signs, both large and small, of love and support. My family has been the beneficiary on more occasions than I care to count, and we are forever grateful.

And my hometown will rally again for our two girls, gone too soon, but never forgotten.


I was on yet another airplane this morning, bored, so I decided to go through my phone storage and delete old files and pics that I didn’t need anymore.

I was surprised at how many docs were on my phone. You should check yours; like me, you probably only downloaded files on your phone to take an quick look and store them elsewhere.

So I axed most of them.

I kept more of the pics, but what fun it was to scroll through them!


Reliving my family’s recent beach trip to Florida…fun visits in NYC with friends and family…Lou and my Harry Potter World adventures…and my trip to Tokyo last year!

If you need a quick pick-me-up, browse through the images in your gallery. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

Thesaurus much?

It was raining hard when  my flight finally landed in New York tonight, so taxis were scarce.

I waited in line for a solid hour with travelers less adept at adapting to the foibles of the road.


One gentleman was particularly displeased with the turn of events, and proceeded to blame his wife for all the choices she had made that led them to this point.

Oh, and every other word was f@#k.

I hope he has a rotten visit to the Big Apple. And I hope she buys him a dictionary…

And hits him with it.


people greeting vs dog greeting

Cartoon courtesy of the Lynchburg Humane Society

Back to the future

Emma, I have seen your future, and you are a success!

Let me explain.

Emma reindeer antlersMy brother recently posted this picture of his granddaughter Emma sporting reindeer antlers at her school’s Christmas concert.  Her holiday headgear and mischievous smile reveal a lot — a fun-loving, entertaining youngest child.

Sound familiar?

No, I’m not talking about me (although as the baby of the family, I have been known to grab the spotlight from time to time).   I mean Emma’s actual doppelganger.

I’ve met her.

stacey sharerThis is Stacey.

She’s an MBA candidate at the Boston University School of Management.  And when I showed her Emma’s photo, she was quick to agree that the two were kindred spirits.

Emma, you are in excellent company.

As thin as…

I was stoked to learn that “Paper Man,” a new movie starring Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone and my main man, Ryan Reynolds, was showing here in NYC. “Paper Man” is up at just two theaters nationwide…and I can get to one of them by subway.

In the words of my friend Jennifer…

“Rock on.”

In “Paper Man,” Daniels portrays a writer who can’t seem to move forward without the help of his life-long imaginary friend, Captain Excellent (portrayed by Reynolds).  Daniels meets Stone — who has her own childhood traumas — and they develop an unlikely — I should have underlined ‘unlikely’ — friendship.

I saw “Paper Man” last night.  And I learned two very important things.

Number 1:  A funny line does not equal plot.

Number 2:  Ryan Reynolds, his buff body so aptly displayed in superhero tights, cannot rescue a movie from the aforementioned lack of plot.

(I think I knew both of these before I sat down.  Tragically, the filmmakers did not.)

If “Paper Man” comes to your town and you are moved to see it due to the cast as I was, know that you will still enjoy looking at Ryan Reynolds’ sculpted body.  But you can do this by visiting the website or gazing upon the movie poster — no need to actually sit through the film.

That being said, I do think the performances were good.  The actors gave the material more than it deserved.

They showed up.

The plot…did not.