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More, please

Television and movie critics often bemoan the lack of originality on the small and big screens.

Sequels, remakes, and inspired-bys are everywhere,  it’s true…but it’s not all bad, right?

We’re all excited about the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie, aren’t we? And The X-Files coming back?


Plus, today I read a live-action Jonny Quest movie is in development. I loved that cartoon …especially his dog Bandit and best friend Haji.

I’d watch that.


I’d watch these ads in reruns

Pro golfers are not shy about doing product endorsements, and during the Presidents Cup TV coverage this weekend, I’ve seen a plethora of them. But the awards for Funniest, Most Unique and Best Use of Likeable Personalities all go to the same advertiser —

Mitsubishi Electric

Maybe they felt like they had to go above-and-beyond because their products aren’t of the golf world. If that’s their thinking, all I can say is…

Well played.

Presidents Cup Captain Fred Couples


Champions Tour member Fred Funk

Trading places

Celebrities — they’re just like us.

Not. Even. Close.

While watching reruns on television last night — yes, it’s that very sad time of year — I was treated to not one but two commercials that referenced Alec Baldwin’s infamous inflight meltdown.

You remember — he was playing Words with Friends after the plane door had closed and had a very heated exchange with the American flight attendants.  Then a very heated Twitter tirade about same.

Then he closed his Twitter account.

Months later, his Twitter is open.  He even made fun of the account on a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.  And now not only Capitol One has referenced the incident in their latest ad — starring Baldwin, of course — but also a commercial highlighting the inventors of…

Words with Friends.

Yep, stuff like that happens to me all the time when I have travel mishaps.

Not. Even. Close.


There have been a lot of reruns on TV during the holidays.  Now 2012 has arrived.

Is this year going to be a rerun, too?

I was reading a ‘style preview’ and was fascinated to discover that color blocking is going to be all the rage in 2012.

Color blocking?  Wow.  How innovative.  I think this has been the third or fourth time that color blocking has been ‘new and red hot’ in my lifetime alone.

I remember buying a Mondrian-style blazer for my very first job out of college when color blocking was big.

I know fashion is cyclical, but I wish we had a few more original ‘episodes’ thrown in between the reruns.

I gotta admit, though — these new color blocked tights are kinda out there.   So maybe color blocking in 2012 is less of a rerun…

…and more of sequel with 3D effects.

Come again

I saw “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying” again last night. ( I’ve seen “The Book of Mormon” twice, too…and it only officially opened March 24th.)

What can I say.  I like reruns.

I’m the same with books and movies and TV shows:  if I like something, I can watch it again and again and again.

It’s not that I don’t like new things…quite the contrary.  But let’s face it.  The first time you see anything, you’re busy absorbing the plot and the characters and — if it’s a musical like “Mormon” or “How to Succeed” — the score, and deciding if you like it.

In subsequent readings or viewings, you already know you like it.  Now you can take the time to notice all the little nuances that make you like it.

You can peek behind the curtain.  Get a glimpse of the wizard in books or shows that you love.  (It’s not a wizard in ones that you hate — more like a troll.)

Wizards.  Trolls.  Hey — it might be a good time to re-watch the “Harry Potter” films!