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Laugh till it hurts

I was very excited to watch the new comedy Telenovela on NBC.


Instead I am watching the goings on in the Mt. Sinai Urgent Treatment Center waiting room.

Bored patients like me.  Street traffic.  And a Will Smith movie on TV.

Oh well. Telenovela looked funny.  Would have made my ribs hurt to laugh that much.


Sticky date

The whole fascination with today’s date (12/12) got me thinking…

What things come in sets of 12?

I’ve come up with a few.

  • 12 months in the years
  • 12 disciples
  • 12 zodiac signs
  • 12 wine glasses
  • 12 pairs of ribs (well, women at least)
  • 12 birthstones
  • 12 days of Christmas
  • 12 animals in the Chinese calendar
  • 12 people on a jury

Oh yeah, and…

dozen eggs

12 eggs — my sticky peeps!