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World’s window

Some people look out a window and think of what might be.

For Garrett Miller, that means ‘window graffiti.’

Garrett is a Washington DC-based photographer, developer and designer.  He’s also the artist behind the Windoodles project on Tumblr.

That’s right — Windoodles,   Garrett’s collection of window art that he describes as a combination of ‘dry-erase markers and joy.’

It is certainly filled with whimsy.

Remember, this artwork is all drawn on window panes with markers.  Spiderman only appears to be scaling that building across the street ….but he’s really in free fall.

They look like fun to do, too.  I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday.  Or a boring day at work.  Or anytime the outside world holds more inspiration than the tasks you have before you.

I’m sure that’s where Windoodles were born — Garrett just goofing off.  But I look at them and think of all the practical applications they could have.

They would be a great way to brainstorm new concepts.  Or a fun activity for kids of all ages.  And what a creative and inexpensive decoration for any window (if you can draw, that is).

Way to go, Garrett — your ‘joy’ is pure genius.