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Royal flush

There’s Team Edward and Team Jacob. But in the doll making game…

It’s Team William all the way.

Mattel has released a Barbie and Ken version of William and Kate to commemorate their upcoming one-year wedding anniversary.

As you can see, they have given William a full head of hair — something he doesn’t possess in real life — and strengthened his jawline. And although Kate looks a bit like every Barbie I’ve seen, she’s pretty and her gown is spot-on.

No doll marker would risk offending the royal family.

That clearly wasn’t a concern for the Mattel designer selected to create the dolls that recreate the wedding of Bella and Edward in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

I’m guessing he isn’t a fan of the saga.  And Edward in particular.

His doll’s face is flat and fat, and his hair looks like an old lady’s wig.  I know the white makeup isn’t flatteringly on anyone in the movies, but it eliminates all detail here.

In the words of my friend Tina…


Hit me, baby

I write The Sticky Egg every day, so there isn’t a whole lotta rhyme or reason to my choice of topics.

Most days, I’m just happy to have one.

So it’s interesting to glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ at the site statistics to see what posts readers like the best.  Plus, it gives me a chance to say ‘thank you’ to a few of the celebrities and TV shows that bring sightseers to The Egg.

Carson Kressley The Queer Eye veteran has been a favorite of mine — along with crazy man David Arquette — since they first announced this season’s Dancing with the Star’s cast listAfter watching the first week of shows, I am happy to report, I was right.  He’s not the best dancer, but he’s the most entertaining by far.  Voters, keep him around.  The show will be better for it.  (And I can keep yapping about him.)

Ryan Gosling Okay, I’ll admit it — not counting this post, I’ve written about Ryan Gosling five times during the The Egg’s two-year existence.  What can I say?  He inspires me.  And apparently readers are okay with my choice of subject matter, too.  If Ryan continues to make so many great movies, might I suggest a regular Gosling feature on the Egg?  Don’t worry — I will always include quality photos.  (They are as much for me as they are for you.)

Law & Order — I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this iconic New York City drama.  I was thrilled to appear as an extra in no less than nine episodes of the original series.  They were long, boring days that taught me a lot about the biz.  But I honestly don’t care much for the show itself.  The musical stinger alone gives me hives.

The Big Bang Theory  If Kaley Cuoco (Penny) fell in the woods, would it make a sound? I can answer that with a resounding yes.  When Kaley had a horseback riding accident last season — and I wrote a blog about it — fans of the show flocked to The Egg.  And they just keep on coming back.  Kaley, if blog traffic starts to slide, I may need you to attempt a few more daredevil stunts.

High Fashion  Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s hair don’t, Royal Wedding hat do’s, or ‘pretty piggy’ bacon strips for your dinner table, readers seem to like posts that celebrate all things fashion.  I kinda feel guilty though…me sitting here in my jeans and t-shirt.  But The Egg is only too happy to join the fray.

Thanks for continuing to come along for the ride!

Special Sticky Sneak Peak:  tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my experiences as an audience member at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Will Jimmy have Egg on his face??  The answer tomorrow!

Lucky pup

Four months have passed since the wedding of William and Catherine, credited with breathing new life into Britain’s royal family.

Watch out, newbies — Charles and Camilla are gaining on you.

Sure, you didn’t accept wedding gifts, instead requesting contributions to a list of charities near-and-dear to your hearts.  And Catherine isn’t doing the ladies-in-waiting routine associated with princesses past.

In fact, you’re living quite simply in a rented home in North Wales while William completes his three-year stint with the RAF.  Going to the pub.  Catching a late-night movie.  Even shopping for your own groceries.

Props for living like normal folks.

Not to be outdone, Charles and Camilla recently adopted Beth, a Jack Russell terrier puppy from the Battersea Dogs Home in London.

Now, the royals are long known for being dog lovers.  The Queen Mother is often photographed with her purebred corgis.  So it is exciting to see the future king rescue a puppy instead of going the traditional breeder route.  It sets a great example for everyone.

I can only hope it becomes as trendy — and garners as much attention — as the hats at the royal wedding!

Hat trick

I’ve said it before — people just love to judge.

At the recent royal wedding, Princess Beatrice became the focus of a virtual festival of judging.  Did you per chance to see?

Her hat, an original creation by famed London milliner Phillip Treacy — who designed many toppers for the big day — was the object of scorn pretty much from the moment Beatrice stepped out of her car at Westminster Abbey.

A Facebook page even popped up called “Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal hat,” which has netted over 144,000 fans — er, judgers — to date.

Well, Beatrice has taken all that bad press and turned it into a big payday for charity.  She placed the much maligned headpiece up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds from the sale going to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

The recent winning bid?  $130,000.

Talk about turning a negative into a positive!  Seems that elaborate hat was just pointing out Beatrice’s smarts.

Judge that.

Where’s the love?

There’s a whole lotta hatin’ going on Facebook and Twitter about tomorrow’s Royal Wedding.

True, the news media is filled to bursting with coverage — all the minutiae on Kate and Wills, their families, the wedding parties, the route, the ceremony, the receptions, the ridiculous souvenirs.

It’s almost as annoying as NBC’s promotion of The Voice.

But how can Americans spew such bitterness upon these nuptials, when we typically lavish such love on all things British?

Don’t we get all excited each summer come Wimbledon… even though its finals fall on or around our nation’s Independence Day?  Sure, we have the US Open in September, but their tennis tournament has the Duke and Duchess of Kent, strawberries and cream, and spiffy tennis whites.

It’s so proper.  It’s soooo not us.

And don’t we love the actors and actresses who hail from the British isle, with their superior dramatic training and — most importantly — their glorious British accentsDidn’t we just bestow the Best Actor Oscar on the very worthy Colin Firth for his performance in The King’s Speech?  We love him ‘exactly as he is’ — for his Mr. Darcy-ness — a quality that could not be achieved if he were not British.

You know it’s true.

So, America, try to recapture some of the love for the British that was in your heart when you gave The King’s Speech the Best Picture Oscar…when the very prickly, very American The Social Network clearly deserved to win.

It’s there.  You’ve just forgotten.

(Ad campaigns will do that to you.)