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It’s all in the…

I have decided to subscribe to Details.

First, they print the controversial cover story featuring RPatz surrounded by naked models and discussing his allergy to female anatomy.


Now, they have multiple covers featuring the men of True Blood — in various states of undress themselves — to promote the serie’s third season which begins June 13 on HBO.

Clearly, this magazine knows what I like.

Vampires?  No.  Really, really good-looking men.  And beautiful photography of those same  men.

(The articles don’t suck either.)

I’m sorry; I don’t mean to sound shallow (which I am).  I’m just glad that certain magazines realize that women — and some men —  like to look at men, too.  Goodness knows that magazines have provided lovely images of women for years.

So, thank you, Details, for treating the men of “True Blood” like equals.

Of course, if I were ever lucky enough to meet them, I would be most interested in their personalities.


Sweet tooth

Everyone loves chocolate, right?

(I don’t…but most people do.)

Then I heard food artist Prudence Staite had created a Belgian chocolate sculpture that, in theory, has everything necessary to bring me over to the dark — or milk chocolate — side.

I couldn’t wait to see it.  Then I did.

Really, Prudence?  Is this the best you can do?

You take a face that photogenic and that attractive, and you turn it into a chocolate bust that could very easily be confused for Mozart, Medusa or any number of serial killers at the post office.

Granted, your chocolate tribute — the brain child of LoveFilm in the UK — was designed to give one lucky person the chance to take a bite out of oh-so-popular Edward Cullen of “Twilight” fame.

If the likeness had been better, the winner might have been tempted to keep it forever preserved on a shelf.  But I’m pretty sure they will go ahead and start chomping.

It might even look more like RPatz when they are through!

Should you?

I went to see “Remember Me” this morning….but you knew I would.

The question is — should you?

Actually, there are several reasons to see this movie….really.

First, RPatz looks amazing.  They slam Robert’s face into fists, city streets, walls, floors — you name it — and no matter how bloody and bruised and battered he becomes, the camera still loves him.  Even without his Edward Cullen ‘perfection complexion,’ it is a pleasure to spend two hours looking at him on a really large screen.

Second, despite a too familiar poor-little-rich-boy storyline, the movie is well-acted.  Pattinson and Emilie de Raven have nice chemistry, and while Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan’s roles are predictable, you can always count on them to give as good as they get.

Third, if you’ve ever lost someone way too young, the movie’s message does ring true.  How the producers chose to drive it home, however, is highly questionable, and probably one of the biggest complaints that the critics have lodged against it.  They went for shock value, but at what a price.

Am I glad I saw it?  Yes.  Was it better than I expected?  Actually, yes.

Would I recommend to my friends?

Are you a girl?  Absolutely.

Trailers no more

Remember movie trailers in the olden days?

They promoted future movies to the captive audience waiting for the feature to begin, of course.  But they also gave the people who were running late another good 15 minutes to get to the theater.

Then the movie theaters added commercials before the trailers to make some extra dough, and suddenly movie audiences had a 20 minute window…which just made them later.

But today, movie trailers are become more and more the featured entertainment — a vehicle to get audiences in those pricey theater seats.

I’ll use “Twilight” as an example (sorry, but they do this stuff pretty well).

The “Eclipse” movie — third in the “Twilight” saga — is scheduled to hit theaters June 2010.  On Tuesday, Summit Entertainment released a 10 second “Eclipse” trailer as a “teaser” online.

Today they released the full 90 second trailer, and audiences who go see Robert Pattinson in “Remember Me” — opening this Friday nationwide — will see this “Eclipse” trailer on most prints.

Brilliant.  Summit is using the “Twilight” mania to drive audiences to “Remember Me.”  I’m sure a lot of these same people would have seen the movie anyway — since RPatz is the star — but the promise of footage of the upcoming “Eclipse” movie pretty much seals the deal.

My local AMC theater even advertises on their marquee when “Twilight” trailers are attached to films.  It’s whack…but it works.

Other films with equally rabid fan bases should pay close attention.

Those 90 second shorts can get butts in the seats.

Late laughs

I could count on one hand the number of times I have watched “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” (Actually, it may only take one finger.)

I’m not up that late that often, and when I am, I tend to watch the hilarious Craig Ferguson on CBS. Love the Craigy Ferg.

But the appearance of RPatz — yes, I’m predictable, shut up — made me set my DVR to record Jimmy’s program last night. And while drinking my breakfast, I intended to fast forward through the program and watch Robert’s no-doubt stilted interview…’cause I just like to look at him.

But right before Robert came out, Jimmy rolled a short film called “Late,” a parody of  “Lost” on ABC. Now, I’ve never watched “Lost,” but I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, so it sure feels like it.

Last night’s film was the second ‘episode’ of the parody, and it was inspired….definitely worth a look.

“Late”  — Episode 1

“Late” — Episode 2 (scroll down)

Don’t want you to miss out because you value sleep…or Craigy Ferg, like me.